A Good Friend of Mine Convinced Me to Do This!

As you know, I have been writing my health blog for well over two years now. I thank every one of you that visits my site on a regular basis to discover how to live your healthiest life ever. Even if you stop by only once in a while, I thank you!

A short time ago a very good friend of mine convinced me to set up a page on Facebook so that I would be able to give a short little “Quick Tip” every single morning. At first I told her it would be too much work for me but the more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea.

My page has been going strong for a couple of months now and I have about 200 people that come visit it on a regular basis. Sure that may be a small number when compared to Dr. Oz or someone like that but it is a great start and I appreciate every single one of my readers. My passion is to teach you how to live a healthy life!

I invite you to check out my page at https://www.facebook.com/HealthyAt102 and be sure to “like” it while you are there. I have a lot of great tips for you, so come on over!

UPDATE DECEMBER 2011 – my page is growing steadily thanks to so many of you. I have 892 people who check it on a regular basis. I love giving these little tips every day. Can you help me get it to 1000? Tell a friend if you could! I have a lot more to share. Thanks so much!

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