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Here’s a great summer tip for staying thinner!

You may think that athletes like myself are immune from gaining weight. Totally not true! As much running, hiking, skiing, and working out in the gym as I do, I still can gain weight. A few months ago I actually got to a weight that sent a signal to my senses telling me this is […]

To Lose Weight it Simply Comes Down to THIS!

I have run long distances and exercised like crazy and actually gained weight. I have seen marathon runners with pot-bellies. I have figured out after thirty-plus years of a healthy active lifestyle that in order to be thin, you must simply eat healthy and eat less. It may sound simple but it’s the truth. In […]

Here’s What to Do if You Had a Tough Winter (Like I Did)!

Well, it wasn’t really a “tough” winter. Just a “different” winter! I found myself a condo in Breckenridge, Colorado and stayed there the entire month of January to ski and work. Many of my friends thought I was there on vacation for the entire month. No, it was NOT a vacation. Just a change of […]

David Madow Explains Why He Loves the Grand Canyon

This article is from the vaults of my previous Grand Canyon blog. Because of its popularity, I did not want to delete it. Please enjoy! Dear Friends, As many of you know, one of my favorite places on the planet is the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. Whenever you see my postings, status updates, tweets, […]