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Dave Meets *M*A*S*H at Chicago Marathon!

OK, it’s tough, but I will say it. I had to drop out of the Chicago Marathon after 21 miles due to severe cramping. I tried everything I could to keep moving, but in the end I felt that covering the last five miles in the 80 plus degree weather could have been very dangerous […]

Four Days Until 10/10/10 – Chicago!

Yes, according to my calendar and watch I have about four days and ten hours before the starting gun sounds at the beginning of the Chicago Marathon. Am I ready? Yes, I am ready to finish! To complete the marathon, one needs a combination of physical and mental readiness. I think my body is ready […]

The Rewards of the Marathon

I have just completed ironing words on the shirt I will be wearing in the Chicago Marathon this Sunday. The front simply says “DAVE.” That’s so as I run, every spectator on the 26.2 mile course will see my name and yell “GO DAVE!” This will hopefully give me the energy I will need to […]

Next Up: 10/10/10!

As I am still recovering from my 48 mile backpack in Grand Canyon, I was just reminded that exactly a week from today is the Chicago Marathon which I will be running. I did a seven mile run this morning and felt great. Probably lots of strength left in my legs and lungs from the […]

Some Pics From Rim to Rim to Rim in Grand Canyon

If you are on Facebook, please go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2095354&id=1337207784&ref=mf to see a bunch of really cool pics from my 48 mile hike in the Grand Canyon! It was so nice meeting so many cool people along the way. I am still working on getting my book started. I have been just so darn busy since […]

48 Miles Hiking in the Grand Canyon – Oh My!

Yes, I did it! I hiked rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon successfully. That is me in the above picture – the tall guy, second from the right. It took six days and five nights backpacking and sleeping outside in campsites along the way. This was one of the coolest things I […]

Going “Down” Tomorrow Morning

I will be embarking on my six day hike into the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning so I will be out of touch until after that. I hope you all have a very nice week and please continue doing all of the things you need to do to live your healthiest lifestyle!

T Minus 48 Hours

Leaving today for my six day rim to rim to rim backpack trip in the Grand Canyon. My plane leaves in about four hours for Phoenix. My team and I are ready. Yoko, Larry, Lew and I are leaving from Baltimore. Landi is leaving from Detroit and we will all meet up in Phoenix. From […]

It’s Not the Distance, It’s the Lifestyle!

I just received an email from a reader who felt like she was not accomplishing very much because she was only running a couple miles at a time. My response to her was this: “It’s not the distance. It’s the lifestyle.” Get out and do something! Our bodies are designed to move! And feel free […]

The Grand Canyon Can Be a Dangerous Place

In just over two months from now, I plan to do a six day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. I, along with a team of five other hikers will start at the South Kaibab trailhead on the south rim of the canyon, hike one mile deep into the inner gorge, cross the Colorado River, […]

Here’s a great summer tip for staying thinner!

You may think that athletes like myself are immune from gaining weight. Totally not true! As much running, hiking, skiing, and working out in the gym as I do, I still can gain weight. A few months ago I actually got to a weight that sent a signal to my senses telling me this is […]

To Lose Weight it Simply Comes Down to THIS!

I have run long distances and exercised like crazy and actually gained weight. I have seen marathon runners with pot-bellies. I have figured out after thirty-plus years of a healthy active lifestyle that in order to be thin, you must simply eat healthy and eat less. It may sound simple but it’s the truth. In […]

Here’s What to Do if You Had a Tough Winter (Like I Did)!

Well, it wasn’t really a “tough” winter. Just a “different” winter! I found myself a condo in Breckenridge, Colorado and stayed there the entire month of January to ski and work. Many of my friends thought I was there on vacation for the entire month. No, it was NOT a vacation. Just a change of […]