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223 – Could Microdosing Help You With This?

Welcome back to Microdose U! Today Dr. Dave shares something that most people never think of as fas as microdosing magic mushrooms. But they have helped him incredibly with this. Tune in to find out!

Here is the entire transcript:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there, Dr. Dave, back with you. And on this show, I share how microdosing magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms has totally, totally changed my life around. And this morning, I’m just thinking about something, um, really cool. That it’s helped me with that I wanted to share with you a little bit today. Um, so okay. In the past and I’m I’m right now, I am in my psychedelic van, which we will be traveling around, um, the Western part of the country coming up pretty soon. And I’ll share it with you, let you know, and if you’re around, if we can meet up in the van, that will be pretty darn cool. Wouldn’t it. In the meantime, let’s get back to the subject for today. Um, so in the past, I I’ve always been like a little bit of a worrier, I would say warrior, w O R R I E R worry, not warrior, but warrior .

Dr. Dave: (00:52)
Um, and one of the things I would, I mean, I worried about a lot of things. A lot of things would get to me, but one of the things I would worry about, um, would be financial stuff in, in particular things that maybe I couldn’t even control now, I’ve got a really good financial plan in place and I stick to it and I’m really good about that type of stuff. But for example, let’s say, um, the stock market started crashing or even not even crashing, but just going down. I would, I would start to worry and I would start to become anxious and I would start to get upset because I’d have all these scenarios in my mind, like, oh my God, I’m gonna be homeless. Um, things are gonna go to zero. I’m not gonna have any money. I’m, I’m not gonna be able to put food on the table.

Dr. Dave: (01:31)
I mean, all these really weird scenarios would go through my mind. Um, but, and, and, and the thing is though the stock market and personal finance, it, you know, you, you do the best you can, but I can’t control the stock market. And over time, what happens is it always goes up. It then has periods where it will go down, but then it’ll go up again. And, and the net sum of it going up is much greater than going down. That’s why the stock market always, you know, if you look at it over time, it’s always like up, up, up, probably like a little down then up, up, up more the little down and during the downs, I would always get anxious and, and start to think that I can’t, I can’t go out to dinner tonight. I can’t, I can’t buy my wife a gift. I can’t do this and that to, because the stock market’s crashing. So a totally unrealistic, totally not even reasonable, because again, I have no control over it and it’s just not true. It goes down, but then it always comes back up. Since I have been using magic mushrooms, microdosing magic mushrooms, um, there’s been a much greater feeling of peace and calmness inside of me, even when the stock market tumbles, like, for example, as I’m recording this, it’s early May, 2022 and this past week, or even the past few weeks have been

Dr. Dave: (02:59)
Just awful. I mean, really awful. The, the, like, I think Friday, the stock market, the, the Dow went down like over a thousand points. Now in the past, that would put me in a panic. I would, I’d be off worried, anxious all of the above and a lot more now, since I’ve been, you know, working on myself and working on my body and my mind and everything. And of course using the magic mushrooms to microdose, I, it doesn’t, it doesn’t bother me. I mean, I’m realizing that, and I, I realized this all before. It’s not like, I, it’s not, like, I didn’t know it, but, but now the fact that it goes down, it crashes, whatever. That’s kind of what I say, you know, whatever it’s, it’s gonna be, okay, it’s gonna come back. It’s gonna come back bigger and stronger than ever. It’s right.

Dr. Dave: (03:50)
It’s fine. But in the past, I could never do that. I knew it in my heart. I knew it would, it would be okay, but I, I couldn’t get past that. And I would, I would actually literally have lousy days sometimes and lousy weeks and maybe even lousy months just because the market was in disarray fast for, uh, not fast forward, rewind, rewind back to, um, you know, 2008 in that timeframe. I was, I was a mess because I thought like, everything I had was just going, going to hell it didn’t happen. I mean, you know, the stock market started coming back in. I don’t know what was it, 2009 or so, whatever it was, and, and started coming back like crazy. And, and we had like the longest run bull market, maybe one of the longest run bull markets that we’ve ever had. So we’re due for a correction we’re due for it to go down and it it’s.

Dr. Dave: (04:39)
Okay. Just don’t I don’t do anything differently. I try not to obsess. I try not to watch it too much, but you know, sure. It’ll go down, but then eventually it’ll go back up and way more than it’s ever been. It, it just always happens when will it happen? I, I don’t know if I had the answer to all those things. I I’d go to the racetrack and, and, uh, or play the lottery and win a fortune. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t do either of those. Um, I just have a sensible financial plan. And since I have a, um, plan now for my mind to get that back on track and not to get distracted and disturbed and anxious, then things are much, much better. Now you might not be worried about the stock market at all, but there’s definitely something that probably makes you anxious.

Dr. Dave: (05:23)
That’s probably why you’re watching me today. It might be, um, something with your family, your job, um, uh, COVID, it, it could, it could be anything that when you see something in the news, you know, wars, things like that. When you see something in the news that gets you really aggravated, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be aggravated, especially with things that are totally out of your control. But it’s easier for me to say that because you know, who am I to say, don’t get aggravated, you know, you, you can, I mean, you sh and it happens. I’m not saying that’s

Dr. Dave: (05:56)
Good, but you, but you, it does happen. But with the microdosing and using psilocybin, it’s done some type of a reset for my brain that I just, I go like, okay, you know, whatever another bad week in the stock market, another bad week, or another bad day doing this another bad, you know, whatever, whatever it might be, um, it’s outta my control. I can only do the best I can do, and it’s gonna give it’s gonna be fine. And that’s what I’m trying to say. The, the psilocybin has like totally reset my brain in a, in a very, very, very good way that I just don’t seem to worry or obsess over these things that we can’t control anymore. And that’s a real, real positive thing. And I wanted to share that with you, cuz I think on some level, whatever you might be worrying about or obsessing over or some, whatever. I think that, um, what I’ve been doing in the past 13 months with microdosing could possibly help you as well. Okay. That’s what I wanna say. That’s my kind of advice for the day. Thanks for being with me. I really appreciate it. And um, Dr. Dave, this is not to be taken as medical advice. I will really talk to you soon. Love you.

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222 – Exactly How Do I Microdose?


Hey all, welcome back to MICRODOSE U. Today I am sharing exactly how I microdose. Please enjoy this episode. And remember, you can watch the video versions of these podcast episodes by going to https://youtube.com/c/rundrdave

Here is the complete transcript:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Okay. Hey there, Dr. Dave, back with you. Um, this could be one of the most important videos I’ve ever made on microdosing, magic mushrooms, psilocybin. Um, I get so many questions, the most popular ones being, um, how much do I take? What’s my dosage. How often do I take it? How long do I have to take it? Those are probably the most common questions. So even though I’ve done videos on this before, I wanna go ahead and consolidate all the information into one video that you can watch and rewatch and bookmark and make and refer back to it anytime you want, because it’s really important because I’m getting, um, as much as I think I’ve answered a lot of these questions, I’m getting them over and over and over again. So let’s make this, the video that explains everything. Now, I’m going by my experience and also other people that I’ve talked to in the community quite a bit.

Dr. Dave: (00:49)
Um, one thing to keep in mind though, everybody is different. That’s why, if you’re first starting, I’m going to give you a, um, dosage and schedule that should work out for you, even though keeping in mind, everybody is different. Now it seems like the most common reason, at least people that are asking me about microdosing, the most common reason that you want to microdose is because of depression and anxiety is a very, very close second. And a lot of times they’re, they’re actually related. Um, sometimes you have one with the other and vice versa because they kind of go together. It’s, it’s very common to have depression and anxiety together, so, okay. Let’s get started first. I’m gonna talk about dosing, how much you actually take each time you take it, then I’m gonna talk about how often you need to do this. And then I’m also gonna then after that, I’m gonna talk about how long you need to do this.

Dr. Dave: (01:41)
So in other words, is it, is it something you just do for a few months then stop? Is it something you do for years for the rest of your life? We’ll talk about all of that. So let’s get going right now. Okay. So dosing, how much do you start with, if you’ve never microdosed magic mushrooms before I’m going to recommend starting off with a dose. And when I talk about magic mushrooms, I’m talking about dried ground up mushrooms generally kind of, we talk about, I talk about the, um, Cubis strain, which is kind of like one of the more common ones that people are using for, for microdosing. Um, okay. So how much do you start with, I’m gonna recommend between 50 and 100 milligrams. Now you need to know the metric system a little bit, because sometimes people talk about that in grams and 50 gram, 50 milligrams, 50 milligrams is 0.05 grams. 100 milligrams is 0.1 grams. So all you need to do is move that decimal place, like three points over, and you’re gonna convert from milligrams to grams and vice versa, grams to milligrams. Just go the other way. Um, it’s not, it’s not that difficult, although it can be overwhelming to a lot of people that are not really used to the metric system. If you’ve never microdosed

Dr. Dave: (02:59)
Before. And you feel like you have a, um, low tolerance, like it takes you in general, it takes you very little bit of medication to, to work. Um, I’m gonna recommend starting with the 50 milligrams. If, if you’ve done different types of medication, antidepressants, maybe even some cannabis and you feel like your, um, tolerance is a little bit higher than, than average higher than most. I’m gonna recommend. You start with 100 milligrams, but again, you won’t make a mistake doing one or the other. You’re not gonna make a mistake. Now, um, you take your 50 milligrams or 100 milligrams to start off with one per day, once per day. Now how many days in a row can you go before you need to take a break again? There’s a lot of controversy out there. There’s so many different opinions. And again, the thing is everybody’s different.

Dr. Dave: (03:47)
So there’s no hard and fast rule. I’m gonna ask you not to harp on this so much because it’s not really that scientific generally as a general rule, uh, you should take maybe two to three days in a row. Then take one to two days off again. It’s it’s not in writing and it’s not in, it’s not carved in stone. You kind of do what you feel like again, there’s cuz there’s no right or wrong. And the most important thing is you need to take several days off for tolerance break or else. If you microdose every single day, you’re gonna become tolerant. And it’s not going to have the effect that it should have. That’s the reason you take breaks, but take a break as long as you want. As long as it’s not too long, I’d recommend, you know, a day or two or three days break somewhere, something like that.

Dr. Dave: (04:32)
Again, get a feel for it. After you start doing this, you will have a feel for how it affects your body. Cuz again, everybody is different. Repeat after me, everybody is different. So let’s say you started with, let’s use the 50 milligrams. You started with that and you do it three days in a row. And then you take two days off. That’s a pretty standard kind of protocol. Three days on two days off, let’s say you do that. And let’s say you do that. And let’s say you do that for several cycles. A cycle is three days on two days off, that would be considered one cycle. Let’s say you do that for several cycles and you just don’t feel any improvement whatsoever. Then I’m gonna recommend you go up to 100 milligrams, increase from 50 to 100 and repeat the same thing. Do that for a few cycles.

Dr. Dave: (05:22)
If it’s number one, if it’s too strong, back off to the 50 again, if you’re still not feeling any real change or effect after a couple cycles go up to probably about 150 or 200 milligrams per dose. What should you feel? Well, it’s a great question. You’re not supposed to feel like you’re tripping. You’re not supposed to be seeing visuals. You’re not supposed, you should be able to totally function and feel good while you’re microdosing. If you don’t, chances are you’re taking too much. So back off a little bit. Should you feel your depression goes away immediately? No, not necessarily at all. I I’ll tell you how it worked for me cuz I’m, I’m a pretty good example. Cause I’ve been microdosing for a little bit over a year right now. And notice when I said a little over a year, I didn’t do it for a few months, then just stop.

Dr. Dave: (06:12)
I I’m doing it. I’m doing it kind of on my schedule. The way my body tells me to do it, but I’m I’m microdosing. And when I first started, I did feel better almost right away. Now could that have been, been a placebo effect? Possibly. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter at this point. Um, as time went on every month, I every month and let’s say I’m 12 to 13 months into this. Now I started feeling much better. I mean noticeably better even now than I’m 12 or 13 months into this I’m I can tell for sure I’m feeling better now. And when I see a better, when I say better, I mean, um, no depression and no anxiety. I’m feeling better now than I did four months ago with microdosing, even though I felt great four months ago, it was a tremendous improvement.

Dr. Dave: (07:00)
It seems like it’s getting better and better and better. That’s why I don’t plan to stop. Why would I wanna stop? I enjoy it. It’s not, it doesn’t affect my daily life or daily routine. I can totally function. It makes me actually feel better. So why would I ever wanna stop? Would I want to take a break at some point? Like when I say a break, I mean weeks or months, I don’t know. I, I, I haven’t really thought about that because it’s working so well again that it’s I see no reason to, to back off or take a break it’s it’s this is medicine. That is just, it’s what the doctor ordered for me. I mean it’s and, and it should be for you too, if you, if you do it right, if you follow what I’m saying, I feel so much better after one year of microdosing that I cannot even explain the difference. It, it really is.

Dr. Dave: (07:56)
I don’t wanna sound like a snake oil salesman and I don’t have to cause I don’t sell anything. I’m not selling a thing. So, but I say it’s like, it’s like a miracle. It’s like a miracle medicine. It’s, it’s something that has, I wish I would’ve known about this decades ago. I really do. It’s really taking care of my, um, problems that I had mentally. There’s there’s there’s no question in my mind. So I think I answered, um, the dosage and one more thing, one more thing about the dosage I kind of zeroed in, you know, you don’t just keep increasing, increasing, increasing. I kind of zeroed in the dosage that feels best for me when I take it. And I usually take it in the morning morning, seems to be the best time for me is, is 250 milligrams. That seems to be kind of like the sweet spot, um, less than that works also.

Dr. Dave: (08:39)
And more than that, I’ve I’ve done doses up to, and these are not micro doses that all I’ve done doses up to like two, two plus grams. And I’m gonna be learning more about, um, you know, larger doses and macro doses. But right now my videos and what I’m talking about purely are about microdosing microdosing works. Um, at least I can share it’s worked for me incredibly and other people that I’ve talked to have had fantastic results. So it’s not a placebo. There’s just, there’s no way the placebo could be working for this long. I would say maybe the first few days or the first couple weeks, it could be acting as a placebo cause you’re expecting it to do all this, but over a year, it’s a pretty fair trial period. And, and I can tell you with, with certainty, it is not a placebo.

Dr. Dave: (09:25)
There’s just, there’s just no way. There are other things that I recommend that you do such as be very intentional and meaning. Um, journal, write down what down, what, write down what your intentions are, write down what you wanna improve, write down how you’re feeling now and how you want to feel, write down the changes that you want to feel in your life like other than depression and anxiety and some PTSD. Some of the things I wrote down were I want to be more mindful. I want to be more accepting of others. I want to be, um, more in the zone when I work and I wanna be more creative and things like that. So write those down and study them all the time and edit as needed. Um, using magic mushrooms is not like popping Alexapro in the morning and then forgetting about everything.

Dr. Dave: (10:09)
It, it, you really do need to be a little bit more intentional, but the dividends it will pay off. Uh, it will be exponential, astronomical if you get my, if, if those words make sense, I think they do because it is true. They just, the dividends just are, are really, really high. The return on your investment is really, really high. Um, it, it, it doesn’t take a lot of work, but it does take some. So don’t obsess over it. Just think a lot and write down what your intentions are and write down how you want to, how you wanna feel in the future and, and study it. And that’s, you know, and do some meditation and do things like yoga. I go to a sound bath and just do things that help your body eat, right sleep well. Um, you know, get the right amount of sleep, move your body exercise.

Dr. Dave: (10:59)
When you do all these things together, including the things I taught you at the very, be more the beginning, the first half of this video, um, it really microdosing really, really should work for you. I tried to answer as many questions as I get. I know a lot of you write in and comment on my videos and ask these exact questions. So I hope you watch this and watch it over and over. If you’re not sure or take notes and bookmark and come back to it because this really has all of the basic information that you need to start microdosing. Even if you’re in the early stages, I hope this helps you a lot. Um, it is not meant to be medical advice. Um, it’s just meant to help you in your life as, as much as I can help you. Thanks so much. If you haven’t subscribed, just make sure you press that subscribe. I think it’s down there some yeah, down there somewhere or over there somewhere. I don’t know. And I’m gonna be announcing some upcoming live streams

Dr. Dave: (11:52)
As well. So what, what a live stream will do is I’ll be broadcasting live and you can ask me questions in real time and we’ll have like real discussions. I did it last week. It turned out great people loved it. And so I’m absolutely gonna be planning some more. So stay tuned, make sure you’re, uh, subscribe and press the notifications that you will get notifications every time a new video or live stream comes out till next time. I’m Dr. Dave, I will see you soon.

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