06 – Three Things You Need to Do to Begin Each Day / Reducing Anxiety

Slice-Your-Age-Podcast-150November 7, 2013 – Episode 06 – Dr. David Madow reveals what he does every single morning to make his day the best day possible. Some great tips on preventing anger, anxiety, stress, and more. And a special guest comes to the studio for a super SCREAM!

05 – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off / Tony Ferrante Screams

Slice-Your-Age-Podcast-150October 31, 2013 – Episode 05 -Dr. David Madow gives many secrets about how to lose weight. Losing weight is not necessarily about exercising more. Although Dr. Madow is a firm believer in exercise, when it comes down to it there is something else that is actually more important that you MUST do to shed the pounds once and for all. It is all explained in this program! Special call-in guest Tony Ferrante from Winder, GA does an amazing scream!  If you finally are ready to get to your ideal weight and reach your goals, this is a must listen!

04 – Is Stretching Important / How to Buy Running Shoes / Cold Feet / Cold Hands

Slice-Your-Age-Podcast-150 October 24, 2013 – Episode 04 – Dr. David Madow answers listener’s questions.   Is stretching important? What type of running shoes should I get? I injured my foot a short time ago and now I can’t exercise. My feet and hands are frequently cold. And much more!

03 – How Often Should I Weigh Myself / Do I Need a Personal Trainer

Slice-Your-Age-Podcast-150October 17, 2013 – Episode 03 – Dr. David Madow answers listener’s questions. A listener asks how often she should weigh herself. Another listener is having a tough time getting started and wants to hire a personal trainer. Terry comes to the studio to SCREAM!

02 – Chronic Fatigue / Triathlete Wants Comeback / Tips From a Massage Therapist

Slice-Your-Age-Podcast-150Episode 02 – Dr. David Madow answers listener’s questions.  A young man is experiencing chronic fatigue, an ex-triathlete wants to make a comeback, tips from a massage therapist, and much more.

01 – Introduction to Slice Your Age in Half / Dr. David Madow

Slice-Your-Age-Podcast-150Episode 01 – Introduction to Slice Your Age In Half with Dr. David Madow (Formerly called “Journey to an Amazing You”). Dr. David Madow answers listener’s questions.