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216 – I Am Stopping My Microdosing

Welcome back. In this episode, Dr. dave explains why he needs to stop his microdosing of magic mushrooms!

Microdose U podcast

215 – Microdosing Magic Mushrooms – One Year Review

Welcome back. In today’s episode, Dr. Dave talks about his first year of microdosing and what he has achieved.

Microdose U podcast

214 – Therapeutic Magic Mushroom Trip Report

In today’s episode, Dr. Dave shares how his “therapeutic trip” went the other day!

Microdose U podcast

213 – Four Things That Microdosing Has Helped Me With

In today’s show, Dr. Dave shares the four main things that microdosing magic mushrooms has helped him with!

Microdose U podcast

212 – How To Use Cannabis as a Psychedelic

In today’s show, Dr. Dave reveals how to take a psychedelic trip on cannabis! Hint, it has to do with microdosing magic mushrooms!

Microdose U podcast

211 – Time Explained While On a Mushroom Journey

Today Dr. Dave will explain a discovery about time that he had while using magic mushrooms!

Microdose U podcast

210 – Are Golden Teachers Too Weak For Microdosing?

In today’s episode Dr. Dave discusses whether Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are suitable for microdosing.

Microdose U podcast

209 – Which Strains Of Magic Mushrooms Are Best For Microdosing?

In today’s show, Dr. Dave talks about which strains of magic mushrooms are best for microdosing purposes.

Microdose U podcast

208 – Failed Mushroom Trip Report From Last Night

Hello there! This show is about a failed mushroom trip that Dr. Dave attempted last night at a sound bath!

Microdose U podcast

207 – How to Ring in The New Year By Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

In this episode, Dr. Dave shares with you how to make the new year a fantastic one. It can be done by microdosing magic mushrooms and a journal. This is not to be taken as medical advice.

206 – Dosage Levels of Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

Today Dr. Dave explains the different dosage levels of magic mushrooms and what you can expect top feel with all of them! From microdosing to a heroic dose and more!

205 – A Beginner’s Guide to Making Psilocybin Tea

One of my favorite ways to consume a microdose or larger dose of magic mushrooms is by making a tea from dried mushrooms. In today’s show I will demonstrate exactly how to do this. Please remember that what I share here is NOT to be taken as medical advice.

204 – Seasonal Affective Disorder and Microdosing

This time of the year, as the days get shorter, many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD. In this episode, Dr. Dave discusses how microdosing with psilocybin magic mushrooms can help you if you suffer from this.

203 – The Very First Time I Microdosed

I found myself in a terrible funk a couple of years ago. After spending time with a psychiatrist for over 18 months, taking medication, going to talk therapy, watching my blood pressure increase, having anxiety attacks, I asked him if I should try microdosing magic mushrooms. The rest is history!

202 – What Happened When I Took a Museum Dose of Magic Mushrooms?

So yesterday I took 1.1g of psilocybin magic mushrooms. This is considered to be more than a microdose. Some call it a “museum dose.” I explain in today’s show how they made me feel. I will say that this medicine has done more for my anxiety and depression in seven months than anything else I have done over decades has done. And I emphasize “medicine.” I am NOT using psilocybin as a party drug. This is serious medicine, even though it is not legal at the moment and considered Schedule I by the DEA.

201 – I Microdosed .4g of Psilocybin Mushrooms and Went to a Sound Bath

Welcome all!!! Last night I microdosed .4g of magic mushrooms (psilocybin) and went to an hour long sound bath. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I am here to share everything. Please remember that I am NOT giving medical advice. I am simply sharing what is working for me!

200 – Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms

Hey, welcome to episode 200! I am David Madow and I have something very special for you today. It’s about my journey into using psychedelic mushrooms. This medicine has basically wiped out my anxiety, depression and more. If you are dealing with any psychological issues or are on any medication such as antidepressants, you may love what I have to say. Just be aware that I am sharing my life experiences here and AM NOT giving medical advice.

199 – Total Solitude to Reset Your Brain

Welcome to Episode 199! As I am sure you know, sometimes we all need a little reboot! Today I talk about one of the most effective ways to get a nice reset of the brain to combat anxiety, depression and procrastination! Please join in!

198 – The Float Tank

Today Dr. David Madow shares his experience in a float tank, also referred to as a sensory deprivation tank, and how it can change your life!

197 – Years of Emotional and Psychological Abuse

A listener writes in asking a question about enduring years of emotional abuse from his wife. Is it possible? Can men actually be abused? Listen in to find out what Dr. Dave says!