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This was a crazy Dave April Fool’s post!! So sorry… you will not be able to weigh yourself from your iPhone. Hope you did not try. Sometimes my brain goes wild with ideas! Hope you did have a good laugh with me!

I still believe that you should weigh yourself daily even though you can’t do it from your iPhone. This is what has seriously helped me control my weight. I would be happy to help you with any weight or lifestyle questions. Happy April 1.

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Update on The Dave Diet!

As many of you know, I made a drastic change to my diet about four months ago. I was having some issues – none of them were medically serious – they were just enough to let me know I needed to change something!

Here are the issues that needed some correction: 

  1. Psoriasis – I had some psoriatic (red scaly) patches on my elbows, knuckles, and my right knee for at least twelve years.  Nothing I tried was ever able to eliminate these.
  2. Esophageal reflux (heartburn) – not too terrible but occasional pain where I would have to take some Tums or Gaviscon.
  3. Low energy – I couldn’t figure this one out but it got to the point where I would have to come home in the afternoon and take a two hour nap.
  4. Hoarseness – lasted several months with no end in sight. And you know I speak for a living! This is the one that made me take notice and do something.

Doctors had no idea what to do. So I did a lot of reading and decided to take matters in my own two hands. I changed my diet (which was already pretty darned good) drastically!

I TOTALLY eliminated foods which I thought could be causing a sensitivity or allergy. Gone from my diet were sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, peanuts, mushrooms (fungus), processed foods, and yeast.

I DID eat lots of fresh, organic veggies, fish, meats, raw foods, brown rice, sushi, eggs, plain Greek yogurt, rice cakes, rice crackers, organic corn chips, almonds (and almond butter), cashews (and cashew butter), sunflower seeds, green tea, white tea, pomegranate juice, Brad’s Raw Chips, and more.

I DID NOT count calories or anything like that. I ate when I was hungry and never felt guilty about eating good healthy food like we were meant to eat.

I DID NOT cheat! I was extremely strict, making no exceptions for “special occasions.”

Here is the update after four months:

  1. My voice is totally back to normal! SCREAM!!!
  2. No episodes of heartburn – EVER!
  3. Extremely high energy. I am running the Chicago Marathon next month!
  4. Psoriasis on right knee – TOTALLY GONE!
  5. Psoriasis on knuckles – TOTALLY GONE!
  6. Psoriasis on elbows – 95% GONE!
  7. Lost ten pounds without trying
  8. People tell me I look at least ten years younger than my age.
  9. I just had my annual physical at The Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX. My doctor was amazed at the improvements. Let me share some stats with you:
    BP: 108/72
    Pulse: 47
    Height: 74.3 inches (just over 6’2″)
    Weight: 185
    Cholesterol: 142
    dLDL: 68
  10. Stress test fitness category – EXCELLENT

I continue to eat this way every day of my life because I am 100% convinced that food plays an integral part of our health. Americans are eating junk and that’s why we are overweight and have more health issues than we know how to deal with.

Are you ready to get on “The Dave Diet” and see some amazing changes in your life? Follow me please!


A Great Healthy Recipe from a Friend – Overnight Fruit Salad

Who likes recipes? I think everyone does. Up until this point I have stayed away from posting recipes on my blog but I gotta tell you… a short time ago I received one via email from a reader that simply went by the name “Assistant.” This recipe looked so good, that I felt that I wanted to share it with all of you! It’s called “Overnight Fruit Salad,” and it looks healthy and delicious. So many thanks go out to “Assistant.”

Overnight Fruit Salad

1  small  head cabbage, shredded (about 5 cups)
1  15oz  can pineapple chunks, well drained
2  11oz  cans mandarin orange sections, drained
2  cups  seedless green grapes
1/3  cups  light raisins
1 1/2  cups  cubed Edam cheese
1  8oz  carton lemon yogurt
1  cup  dairy sour cream

Instructions :
1.  Place cabbage on bottom of large salad bowl.
2.  Top with pineapple chunks, mandarin orange sections, grapes and raisins. Sprinkle cheese atop.
3.  Combine yogurt and sour cream; spread over salad, sealing to edge of bowl
4.  Cover and refrigerate for 4 to 24 hours. If desired, garnish with lemon and lime twist, curly endive, and a grape.

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? Please feel free to send it to me directly at davidmadow@live.com.

Rock on my friends!

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Last Minute Holiday Pep Talk!

Welcome to the Christmas weekend. Are you going to be good? I certainly hope so.

Please remember that whatever you do, there will be repercussions! So please think before doing!

If you drink too much alcohol, you risk getting sick or even worse, getting into an auto accident. And yes, alcohol will add pounds to that belly. Just take a sip if you must and then stop!

If you eat too many appetizers, you will add pounds to that belly even more! Don’t do it or you will pay later!

And if you eat big portions at your meals, you will get sick and add to the belly again. Remember to use a smaller size dessert plate. Eat wisely.

Cookies, cakes, puddings, pies??? Just remember… you have worked so hard up until this minute. Don’t let all of your efforts go down the drain. It could take weeks or months to recover if you go crazy!

My suggestion? Eat in moderation. Try to get your fresh fruits and veggies in so your body will continue in it’s healthy mode. Remember, your body does not know that it is Christmas. It is expecting the best from you. Give it what it wants!

If you are questioning putting something into your mouth, my advice is “don’t do it!”

NOTE: I will be on WBAL radio Friday December 24 (Christmas eve) at 5:51PM Eastern Time giving you some more really cool holiday tips! If you are local to the Baltimore area, WBAL is 1090 on the AM dial. If you are not local, please go to http://www.wbal.com and listen live!

But remember… the most important thing to me is that you have safe, healthy holidays!


Why Watching Football is NEVER on my List!

Friends, it’s Saturday and it is always good to be back home after a long travel week. It really is true, “There’s no place like home.” I’ll spend the day getting settled back in and tomorrow will be a good exercise day. The weather here in Baltimore County should be in the 70’s and I am planning to get out on the NCR Trail on Sunday to do my first double digit run since the Chicago Marathon! Will any of my local readers be out on the NCR (North Central Railroad trail) tomorrow? Let me know! And if you are not local to the Baltimore area, please also tell me what you plan to do this weekend to keep active. I don’t know about you, but sitting on the couch watching football and drinking beer are never on my list. I want to keep my body moving and enjoy the outdoors. That’s just what I do!

Waddle on!

Here is the Most Expensive Way Possible to Lose Your Weight – But it Works!

Over the years so many of you have asked me if I would consider personally coaching you on a weight loss and fitness journey. Because of my demanding schedule, I have repeatedly turned down every personal coaching request. The reason –  in order for me to do it right and to guarantee results, we would be looking at a full time engagement for about one year.

But I have revisited this idea and have given it some serious thought. And I may be ready to take on one coaching client. The operative word here is “maybe.” I am still not 100% sure. But understand that for me personally coaching someone on losing weight and looking better than they ever have in their entire life would not be a part time job. I would want you shadowing me (following me) and doing exactly what I ask of you.

First of all, before we start, I would make sure you are up for the task. That means for one full year you are available to follow me. And if I travel, which I do quite frequently, you may need to travel with me if requested to do so. You would need to be fully committed. So this eliminates most of you right off the bat. Let’s face it, very few people could put their lives on hold just to follow me.

Secondly, our personalities would have to mesh. If I am going to work with someone this closely, I have to like them and feel comfortable with them. I am very easy to get along with but you better prove to me during our interview that you are the kind of person that I would want to be with for a year!

Thirdly, you would have to be able to pay me. And I would have to believe that by paying me my fee would not negatively impact your life. I do not want your money if it would create any hardships in your life. What is my fee? Let me just say I am VERY expensive. Because what I do works. I guarantee it.

Please understand that I am not doing this for the money. I am financially secure. I charge a lot of money to make it worth my while and to weed out the people who are not serious about change. If I am going to take on a one on one client, I want this to be the most serious of engagements.

This program is not for the faint of heart. It is a difficult program where you follow what I say and do for one full year. That is the amount of time I need to change your life long habits.

Can I change you? The answer is YES. But only if you want to change. If interested, please get in touch with me. I am not going to tell you how, you should be able to figure it out!



I want to come back to Chicago and finish the 10/10/10 marathon!

I am asking for some help. OK, it’s a big favor to ask. But maybe there is someone that can assist in making this come true for me.

It has finally hit me that I did not finish the 2010 Chicago Marathon. Maybe it was seeing all of the people at the airport on their way home with their medals around their necks. Or the “Finisher” t-shirts. I don’t know, but I am saddened that the horrible cramps would not allow me to complete the course. See my previous post here if you have not heard about my experience in the Jackson medical tent.

This morning as I was taking a two mile recovery walk/run back home in Reisterstown, Maryland, I began thinking. What if I got on a plane and flew back to Chicago? Maybe I could find a local that knows the marathon course. We could meet up at the 21 mile point and I could run the final 5.2 miles. Wow, maybe I could really finish this one. I am 100% confident that I could do it.

I realize there would be no one along the course cheering me on. People in Chinatown would be going about their daily business. That part is OK. The only thing I would want would be for someone to put a medal around my neck at the finish. Is that asking too much of anyone?

Here’s the favor I ask of my running friends. Is there anyone out there in Chicagoland that can help make this happen? I am willing to come back from Baltimore. I just need to be led through the last 5.2 miles of the course and have a 2010 medal place around my neck when I do. I am telling you… I can finally lick this course! Who can help me?

P.S. I’ll buy you dinner!



Dave Meets *M*A*S*H at Chicago Marathon!

OK, it’s tough, but I will say it. I had to drop out of the Chicago Marathon after 21 miles due to severe cramping. I tried everything I could to keep moving, but in the end I felt that covering the last five miles in the 80 plus degree weather could have been very dangerous to my health.

They put me on a shuttle back to the finish line. On the shuttle I could not sit as the cramping was horrible. I almost vomited on the shuttle. It was a terrible, bumpy ride that seemed to take forever.

When they dropped me at the finish area (Jackson and Lake Shore Drive), I felt so sick, I could not even walk. A medical official saw me and put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me into the medical tent. They took my vitals. Seems as though I lost at least five pounds during the race. That is roughly two liters of water weight. BAD.

There were sick people all over the place. Looked like the MASH unit from TV. They should have given me IV fluids but they said since my BP and pulse were fine, they just wanted me to eat and drink.  The cramps were getting worse. They asked me to lie down on a medical cot. Two massage therapists came over to me and tried to help me. I was in tears from the pain.

This was not a good experience. I had just completed a 48 mile backpacking trip in Grand Canyon and I could not complete the Chicago Marathon.

Race conditions had started at green, but quickly went to yellow and then to red as the temps soared. The sun was so hot, I guess I was not able to keep up. Sorry, but 80 plus degrees is just too hot for me personally to run a marathon. Better to drop out than to end up in a morgue. Thanks for all of your concern, especially friends and readers that were tracking my run. I am feeling better now.

One thing though. I will never give up. I will waddle on well into the future. I simply know to stay away from HOT marathons!

Four Days Until 10/10/10 – Chicago!

Yes, according to my calendar and watch I have about four days and ten hours before the starting gun sounds at the beginning of the Chicago Marathon. Am I ready? Yes, I am ready to finish! To complete the marathon, one needs a combination of physical and mental readiness. I think my body is ready for the run and as usual I am feeling a little mental so I should be OK!

This is going to be a test because as you know there will only be a two week time span between the time I completed my 48 mile hike in the Grand Canyon and the Chicago Marathon. I am hoping for the best.

The marathon is very emotional. I remember crying at least three times during last years’s run. I am not even sure why. I just did. And I probably will this year.

There is music along the course that relates to the run. Can you guess what song they were playing at the start last year? A prize to the person that guesses it. No fair if you were in the race though!

Waddle on!

The Rewards of the Marathon

I have just completed ironing words on the shirt I will be wearing in the Chicago Marathon this Sunday.

The front simply says “DAVE.” That’s so as I run, every spectator on the 26.2 mile course will see my name and yell “GO DAVE!” This will hopefully give me the energy I will need to complete the race!

The back says “The rewards of the marathon cannot be measured by a stopwatch.” How true this is. I am not out to win this race. Nor am I out to have a fast time. This is a lifestyle, and my goal is to finish the race comfortably so that I will be able to run the next one. And the next one.

Waddle on my friends!

Next Up: 10/10/10!

As I am still recovering from my 48 mile backpack in Grand Canyon, I was just reminded that exactly a week from today is the Chicago Marathon which I will be running. I did a seven mile run this morning and felt great. Probably lots of strength left in my legs and lungs from the backpack. Anyway, as you know from my previous writings, I am not out to win the marathon; my goal is to finish comfortably. Or fairly comfortably. Or alive. Whatever comes first!

This week is a very busy week for me at work so I will not get a lot of running in. But I wouldn’t want to anyway as generally the week before a marathon, I like to rest my legs.

I leave Friday morning for Chicago. It’s one of my favorite cities. I’m just praying for good weather. In the meantime, I’m just gettin’ things done this week. Just a lot of stuff I need to take care of. And if I don’t get to take care of stuff, most likely no one will ever care.

What are you doing right now to be healthy? If you have followed my blog and read my book, you already know the two most important things you can do are to exercise and eat smaller portions. The two keys to healthy life! Well, there are more things, but those are two very important ones. Are you doing both of them? If you are, you are doing better than most.

Waddle on!

Some Pics From Rim to Rim to Rim in Grand Canyon

If you are on Facebook, please go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2095354&id=1337207784&ref=mf to see a bunch of really cool pics from my 48 mile hike in the Grand Canyon! It was so nice meeting so many cool people along the way. I am still working on getting my book started. I have been just so darn busy since my return, it has been slow going. But don’t worry, it will  be worth the wait!  Peace.

48 Miles Hiking in the Grand Canyon – Oh My!

Yes, I did it! I hiked rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon successfully. That is me in the above picture – the tall guy, second from the right. It took six days and five nights backpacking and sleeping outside in campsites along the way. This was one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. I will have a link to some really cool pics and videos real soon so stay tuned. In the meantime, what are you doing right now to be healthy?

Going “Down” Tomorrow Morning

I will be embarking on my six day hike into the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning so I will be out of touch until after that. I hope you all have a very nice week and please continue doing all of the things you need to do to live your healthiest lifestyle!

T Minus 48 Hours

Leaving today for my six day rim to rim to rim backpack trip in the Grand Canyon. My plane leaves in about four hours for Phoenix. My team and I are ready. Yoko, Larry, Lew and I are leaving from Baltimore. Landi is leaving from Detroit and we will all meet up in Phoenix. From there we will take the three plus hour drive to Grand Canyon Village. This is really exciting. Sure I am a little nervous. We have a lot of hiking ahead of us! The hike begins in a little over 48 hours.

It’s Not the Distance, It’s the Lifestyle!

I just received an email from a reader who felt like she was not accomplishing very much because she was only running a couple miles at a time. My response to her was this:

“It’s not the distance. It’s the lifestyle.”

Get out and do something! Our bodies are designed to move! And feel free to post the above affirmation somewhere where you will see it every day!

I am leaving for The Grand Canyon in a couple days to hike it rim to rim to rim! This is going to be a very awesome experience which will be the basis for my upcoming book, “Steps In the Canyon.”

Talk to you later…

The Grand Canyon Can Be a Dangerous Place

In just over two months from now, I plan to do a six day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. I, along with a team of five other hikers will start at the South Kaibab trailhead on the south rim of the canyon, hike one mile deep into the inner gorge, cross the Colorado River, ascend all the way to the north rim, and then turn around and come all the way back. This is called a rim-to-rim-to-rim hike and it is something that I have wanted to do for years.

In order to complete a hike like this, proper preparation and attention to every detail is mandatory. I will need to carry all of my food, water, and camping supplies, which will amount to wearing a backpack that weighs in the 35-40 pound range. And my body will need to be in tiptop shape to take me up and down steep hills, across a few sheer ledges and over rough terrain in a potentially very hot, dry desert environment.

I am a believer that one can do practically anything in life if you prepare properly. I have done about ten backpacking trips in Grand Canyon and numerous day hikes over many trails. I know the dangers of hiking there and because of my experience I know how to train and prepare to maximize the probability that my team and I will be successful.  And most importantly, I am smart enough to know my limits. I am not Superman!

For quite some time now I have been teaching people how to live their healthiest and happiest lives possible. Proper preparation in life is essential, not just in training for an athletic or endurance event, but also in all aspects of life. If you want to undertake something difficult and challenging, as long as you know what you are getting into and you are prepared, you most likely will be OK. Not knowing exactly where you are going and getting in over your head can have potentially devastating consequences.

Let me give you a great non-athletic, real life business example. This really happened. First a little background information is in order. Some of you may know that I co-founded a business a while ago with my brother Rich. Since we are both dentists by profession, our dream was to help other dentists reach higher levels of success in their practices and their lives. Twenty-one years later, our company The Madow Group is one of the leading educators and practice builders for dentists in the United States!

A few months ago I had something very strange take place. Two of our employees resigned suddenly without notice. It was a total surprise. Shocking. After all, why would two seemingly intelligent men who I considered to be friends of mine leave relatively high paying jobs in an economy such as this? As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t figure it out.

When the dust settled, we found out that our friends had been copying our business ideas for months (while employed by us) with the intent of opening a similar business of their own. At first I was devastated. How could two individuals that I put so much trust in do such a dishonorable thing?  I was incredulous that this could actually happen. Rich and I worked too hard for all of these years to have two of our friends cheat us like this.

Anyway, having thought about this whole situation quite a bit, I always come back to my Grand Canyon training program. And here’s why. As I said earlier, every time I backpack in the Grand Canyon, I know exactly what is ahead of me and I am confident that I will be ready for obstacles. I am experienced.

Just the opposite for my two friends that left me to copy what we are doing. You see, there are a few potential “obstacles” that they may not have ever thought about before they made this decision. And more likely than not, they are not prepared for what is ahead.

A seasoned hiker makes it look so easy because he or she has hiked before and knows what to expect. Rich and I make our business look easy because we have been doing it for over twenty years.  We have a large base of doctors that know us and do business with us. I believe we have a pretty good reputation among dentists.

But getting to where we are now did not come easy. It cost us a ton of money and a lot of headaches and sweat over a twenty-one year period. And if we were to try to start this same business today, I am not so sure it would be possible. Times are so very different.

And remember one of the most important points. Rich and I are dentists. We are professionals. We have gone through the pains of dental school and the process of building up practices. We are colleagues to our customers. We are one of them. Contrast that to my two buddies that are attempting to copy. They are not dentists and are total unknowns in the dental profession. One is an ex-home improvement guy and the other is a flooring industry guy. Doesn’t seem to mesh with dentists, does it?  They have NO EXPERIENCE nor do they have the talent to do what we do. But have they taken this into consideration? It appears as though they have not.

Sure, it’s always easy when we start our backpacking trip on the rim. We all feel great at the start. But the long enduring trek through the hot and dry desert is not for the timid.  And getting back to the business example, my two friends have not trained properly for what lies ahead in the canyon. They do not have the proper equipment or supplies. I would never attempt anything like they are doing without knowing what is ahead. Without water, food and energy to get where we need to go, we die.

If I attempted my Grand Canyon hike totally untrained, I would perhaps last a short time until I realized that I could not complete it. Same with business or anything else you may attempt. If you have not prepared properly, your food, water and energy will be depleted. Your legs will be tired. Your back will be sore from carrying the heavy packs. And sooner, rather than later, you will succumb to the hot, dry desert.

Please promise me that before undertaking a tremendous challenge, you will research and train properly. That’s all I ask. I am not telling you not to take risks or challenges in your life. I take them all the time. But I do not want you, my friend, to ever make such a big mistake in life that you cannot recover from like my two buddies have done. Do you promise?

Here’s a great summer tip for staying thinner!

You may think that athletes like myself are immune from gaining weight. Totally not true! As much running, hiking, skiing, and working out in the gym as I do, I still can gain weight. A few months ago I actually got to a weight that sent a signal to my senses telling me this is a little too much.

So what did I do?

I cut my meal portions down. This strategy works every time. As I have sad in previous articles here, I truly believe that eating right is the key to maintaining your proper weight, which translates into looking and feeling your absolute best.

I can’t tell you enough that chances are you are eating more than you need to be eating. Just about every person that I know eats about one third to one half more food than they should. It’s simply because we are creatures of habit. We have always been taught to fill our plates up and finish everything on them.

I am going to give you a challenge. If you feel that you need to lose weight, I would like you to decrease your eating by one third to one half starting right now. What does this mean? It’s actually pretty simple! Just eat one third to one half less than you eat now. If you eat eggs and toast for breakfast, prepare two eggs instead of three. Or go from two to one egg. Instead of two pieces of toast, have one or one and a half. I promise you that you will not starve.

For lunch, eat a half sandwich instead of a whole. Again, you will not fade away to nothing. I weigh 194 pounds (I am 6’2″) and I NEVER eat a whole sandwich. If I can do this, so can you. If you are absolutely starved between meals, eat a teaspoon of peanut butter. I have found this to work wonders. Not half a jar, just a teaspoon!

I have lost close to ten pounds in the last two to three months by a combination of exercising (I do this all year round) and reduced eating. Never succumb to large restaurant portions or buffets. I went to a party yesterday where there was a HUGE brunch buffet. Everyone was pigging out like crazy. The omelet chef almost lost it when I politely asked for ONE single egg over medium. But as everyone left the buffet feeling sick, I felt like I wanted to hit the gym.

I swear to you, eat half portions starting NOW and you will have the final say because you will look and feel better than you have in years! Here is to your health!

By the way, my book “Impress The World With Your Body in SEVEN Days” is doing fantastic since its release as an eBook. Thousands of you have read it. For a limited time it is available to you as a FREE download! Click HERE for your free download.  Just keep it in mind should you ever need a gift for that special person, the hardcover is available on Amazon!

To Lose Weight it Simply Comes Down to THIS!

I have run long distances and exercised like crazy and actually gained weight. I have seen marathon runners with pot-bellies. I have figured out after thirty-plus years of a healthy active lifestyle that in order to be thin, you must simply eat healthy and eat less. It may sound simple but it’s the truth. In my estimation, the average American eats from about 50-100% more than they should. Starting today promise yourself fresh, whole foods and smaller portions. I’m telling you, this is what it takes! Do you want to be thin? Then trust me!  Dave

The Winners Are NOT the Ones That Finish First Anymore

I have been living a healthy lifestyle for way more than thirty years now. I think it’s safe to say that I have become somewhat of an authority of what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to exercise and eating. I have seen it all and done it all. Time is probably the best test to see if something works or not. And after thirty years of working on this, I have time on my side.

As many of you know from reading my book as well as my blog, I am a runner. Not a fast runner, but a runner nonetheless!

I have two road races coming up the next two weekends that I am really excited about. I will be in San Francisco running the Bay to Breakers 12K this coming Sunday (May 16). This is technically a race, although many would refer to it as a seven and a half mile party, complete with naked and costumed runners! Yes, it’s true! I had heard about this race way back in the 70’s but I did not start running it until last year. If you are not a runner, you can walk it as well. Plenty of people do just that! It’s going to be a lot of fun. Actually, most events that involve getting outdoors and moving your body are fun. You just gotta get into it!

Secondly, the following weekend, I will be running in the MD Half Marathon. This is a little of a more serious race, meaning there probably won’t be naked and costumed runners! It’s 13.1 miles long – a great workout.

If you are going to be looking for me at either race, please look towards the back of the pack. I will not be in the first half of the finishers, that’s a guarantee! Because of my speed, many people would not consider me a winner. How wrong they are. When these races are over,  I will consider myself one of the biggest winners in the fields. I am 55 years old now and people still say I look 10-20 years younger than my age. I feel great. I am much thinner than the average person my age. I have never had a serious injury exercising. I smile the entire way. How much more of a winner can one be than that?

I hope you will be able to catch me at either event. Please say hello!

By the way, the MD Half Marathon is being run for a fantastic cause – cancer research. If you would like to know more, or if you would like to make a donation of any size, please feel free to visit my half marathon page by clicking HERE!

Waddle on!