Going to California

Friends… for the last couple of years I have told you about one of my favorite annual events. It is the Bay to Breakers 12K race in San Francisco, and this weekend is the 100th running! I am heading west to do this race. Let’s call it more of a fun party than a race actually. Sure there are some serious runners, but there are also crazies in costumes, nude… you name it, you’ll see it. It appears as though for the entire day the city of San Francisco just kinds of turns its head and says “anything goes!”

Dave at the starting line 2010!

If you are going to be in the Bay area this weekend, please look for me among the 100,000 runners. I’ll be the one wearing… well… I’m not quite sure yet. But follow my Facebook page and perhaps you will catch up with me there!

Exercise does not have to be difficult and boring. I love having fun as I exercise. I invite you to do something cool to keep your body in shape. Let’s catch up in San Francisco!

Rock on!

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