I am in Chicago for the Marathon and it is HOTTTTTT!

Dear Friends and Readers,

I arrived in Chicago yesterday morning and I have been doing all of the things I love to do in one of my favorites cities on the planet! Breakfast at The West Egg this morning with Evan, Keria, Stephen, Yoko, Bernie and Jessie was amazing as usual. Everyone is excited about tomorrow’s run. The only thing that is not in our favor is the weather. It is supposed to be 61 at the start and creep up into the 80’s as the day goes on. Way too hot for a 26.2 mile run.

But I should be OK. As you know if you have been a reader for a while is that I am not fast. I am a back of the pack runner and I love every minute of it. That’s why I have been able to be runner for well over 30 years now. I just keep going without wearing my body out.

I feel GREAT and I plan on running slow tomorrow and smiling at every one of the 1.7 million spectators that are expected to line the course. Talk about energy, you can’t get much more energy than the crowds in Chicago that come out to root us on. I thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart. It’s going to be a tough one tomorrow and your energy will help pull us through.

Tonight I am getting an early dinner. We have a 4PM reservation at Rosebud on Rush where I will load up on some good food and make sure my energy stores are full for what I am going to put my body through tomorrow. I love that place! I am sure there will be lots of runners there.

One thing I ask of you. Don’t ask me what my time was after the race tomorrow. I am slow and my goal is to finish comfortably. I do not run for time. As the back of my shirt will read tomorrow…

“The Rewards of the Marathon Cannot be Measured With a Stopwatch.”

Waddle on my friends!

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  1. terrychaney
    terrychaney says:

    Again I will say you are amazing.
    I think its great that you want to finish comfortable, very inspiring.

    Please remember to keep yourself hydrated tomorrow, that is one of the big dangers of the heat.

    If you decide you want Ice cream next week to reward your body after this event, give me a call.

    Good luck, I am rooting for you from MD.

    • davidmadow
      davidmadow says:

      Thanks so much Terry! I will be hydrated and all “gooked” up! 🙂 Btw, we use the term “gooked up” amongst our team in the Grand Canyon referring to “Gookinade,” the former name of “Vitalyte.” It is not meant in any way to be a slur!

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