I Am So Glad We Found Each Other!

First of all, let me start today by thanking my readers. Whether you have been following me for a long time or you are a new reader, I would like to congratulate you for finding the perfect place to learn exactly how to have the healthiest lifestyle possible. There have been a lot of new readers lately who have been asking some great questions by email. I respond to all email personally so if there is anything you are not sure about, please let me know. Another way is to simply ask a question at the bottom of each article and I will answer you there! This blog has been getting an incredible number of views lately (thanks to all of you) so if I do not answer immediately, please do not worry. I will get to you! As you can tell, this is a passion of mine. I have figured out how to live the healthiest life ever and all I want to do is pass it on to you!

Sure there are lots of famous people on TV and magazines that are giving people like you advice every day. You could listen to them if you like. But there is a big difference between them and me. First of all, many of these “famous” people are just figureheads, and they really do not practice exactly what they preach. They are simply TV stars. Sad.

Secondly, if you ever have a question for one of these “stars,” good luck trying to contact one of them. It is extremely unlikely that you would ever get a response. You know how their lives work? As soon as the cameras are turned off, they are going about living their busy lives trying to get their next gig to make more money. A vicious cycle.

Fortunately for you I am not so famous! I am a regular guy who has figured out the secret of living the healthiest life EVER! So I have time to become your “personal” coach. I am interested in YOU as a person. I will answer your questions. It’s you and me and that’s all that counts.

And I have personally done and continue to do everything I write about. This is not a fad for me. I don’t simply jump into something, do it intensely for a year, and then either quit or move onto the next thing. I have been practicing my healthy lifestyle for over thirty years now. I am 55 years old as I write this article. Some people would call me old. That’s quite OK. Because if you ever met me in person (which I hope you do one day), you would not believe I am 55. You may say I look like I am in my thirties. Or forties. But certainly not 55.

It is because I simply do certain things every day. I do them correctly. I am not a fanatic on some crazy diet. I have learned how to eat regular everyday foods the correct way. And I have learned how to incorporate exercise into my life to make it fun and not an obstacle to good health. I am convinced that you can do this. I am 100% sure you can. You just have to want to. Once you decide you want to finally live healthier, put me in charge. I can help you!

I urge you to go back now and read my past articles to get a sense of what I am talking about. And read the electronic version of my book here for free. This is a free site. I do not charge anyone (and never will) to come to my site and learn how to be healthy. As I have said in the past, I love what I do for a living. I cannot tell the difference between my work and my play because I love what I do every single day. This is part of the big picture. The good news is that I can definitely get you there.

Please keep following my blog here. And if you know of anyone that is looking for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle, please feel free to share this page with them as well. My philosophy is that we all share things in life. If you know of someone who could use help, don’t keep this page a secret just for you. Send your friend or relative the karma. Send them the love. You will feel better when you help someone!

We have a lot to talk about and we’re just getting started!

Waddle on.


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  1. Terry Chaney
    Terry Chaney says:

    It’s funny- As you know from having read my blog- I spent the weekend reflecting on the last 10 yrs , and 1 of the things that made me smile was having met you, and the friendship we have developed.
    Thank you for being my friend and for all you do for everyone.

    Rock on…


  2. Elizabeth Fleming
    Elizabeth Fleming says:


    I am at the point in my life where I am excited to be able to help people improve their health, by doing things that have helped me! This seems to be your philosophy, too. I am happy we met this year. You’re an inspiration! You remind me of my favorite brother. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I am richer for it!

    Elizabeth (AKA: smokndds)

  3. Michael Pelletier
    Michael Pelletier says:

    So right so simple. I’m 49 and have long sinced learned that simple processes causes action and any right action leads to more and more right action. Thank you for making this so simple and accessible to everyone. You are making a awesome contribution to society. It inspires me to think that people like you exist. Just great!

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