I’m at My Wit’s End and Want to Try THIS Idea

Dear David, 

I saw Joseph’s question to you last week and it prompted me to write this. I feel as though I am down to my wits end. My relationship with my wife has not been great for about the last five years or so, but it worsened horribly during Covid. There was nowhere to go and we found ourselves fighting daily. To add insult to injury, I lost my job and we have burned through our savings at a very rapid rate. David, I am scared that pretty soon I will not even be able to pay our mortgage and we will get foreclosed on. I have nightmares about being homeless.

I have one saving grace that I keep coming back to. I had a life experience in the 80’s that was so insanely crazy that I want to write a book about it. I have shared this idea with several people that I am close with and they have all said that I should go for it. If the book works out, I am pretty sure someone will pick this up and would want to do a screenplay. Then my life could actually be back in order.    

David, what do you think? This truly is my last shot at making money and getting back on my feet. Thanks for any help you could give me. ~Matt

Dear Matt, first of all I want to say that I am so sorry about your life situation. To use the old cliche, life has certainly thrown you a bunch of lemons. But having said that, let me give you my feeling about you writing a book to get out of this funk. 

My answer – NO!!! Do NOT do it. Please DO NOT!!!!

OK, now that I hope I have made myself clear, let me explain. 

Matt, you are in a very serious situation. Trying to write a best seller book with no experience is similar to putting all of your money on a lottery ticket hoping to get rich. The odds are stacked so far against you that let’s just say it’s almost impossible. 

But that does not mean I would give up on turning your life around. To the contary, you need to get started NOW! 

I see two immediate things that you need to do starting TODAY!!!

Number one is go get a job. I don’t care what it is, just get a job so that you can have some money coming in. Same with your wife. She needs to be making money too. I know for sure that you could BOTH get jobs at a restaurant tomorrow. They are really hurting for help and unless there’s something I don’t know about you, you would be hired. 

If you can no longer afford your house, there is no shame in that. Selling it and renting an inexpensive apartment for now may have to do. And you will need to adjust your spending so that you are spending less than you guys make every month. You’ll have to suck it up but you can do this. 

Secondly, you need to figure out the situation with your relationship with your wife. If your lives are totally miserable together and you have tried EVERYTHING to fix this, then you’ll both have to admit this and move on. I have a sneaking suspicion that your fighting is the thing that is holding you both back from living your lives. When two people live together and the relationship is horrible, you just can’t keep going on like this. So please work on both of these things and you will get your life back. 

I’ll send you a copy of my new book “How to Become The Neighborhood Millionaire.” It’s actually full of strategies on how to earn more money, budget and manage your money, as well as how to turn what you have into more money for your future. I am quite sure there will be many strategies in the book that will help you. 

Then one day when you are back on your feet and you can write your own book out of love and passion and not solely because you need money desperately, go for it! Write back to me any time if you need more help.