Is This Person In YOUR Neighborhood?

Another two weeks have passed. How are you making out? I still have not studied Japanese as much as I would like nor have I written that song (although I have an idea). I did however promise in the last issue to share one cool thing that I have been spending my time on during this pandemic.

I wrote a book! 

That’s right, I am actually putting the finishing touches on one of the most exciting projects of my life – a book that will be called “How to Become The Neighborhood Millionaire.”

Now those of you who know me realize that I am not a financial planner by any means. I don’t have a CPA or an accountant degree. I have never worked on Wall Street or in a bank. Heck, I never took an economics class in college. So you could fairly say that I do not have the “credentials” to write a book on personal finance!

And you would be right. Well… maybe only half right!

You see, for the last several decades I have been a “student” of my own personal finances. I have done many things right and I have also made all of the mistakes that you could imagine! Some of them are so embarrassing, you wouldn’t believe it. And yes I will share them all in the book!

But when the dust settled, even with the mistakes, I came out alright! 

I actually believe that having no “formal” training in being a financial advisor is in my favor. You see, I am just a regular person, probably no different than you. I realized a while back that just about everyone does personal finances wrong and that’s why so many people are stressed about money, paying bills, their nest egg, retirement, etc.

I am happy to say that I have figured this all out and it’s actually not all that difficult. The problem is that most people MAKE it difficult! My goal in writing this book is to teach regular people just like you and me how to become “Neighborhood Millionaires.” I have done it and so can you. You just need to follow some principles which I explain very clearly.

What exactly is a “Neighborhood Millionaire?” Now you’re a bit curious, aren’t you? That’s fine. I’ll tell you EVERYTHING in the book. Although there is not an official release date yet, I am trying my best to have it available by March or April of this year! If you are interested and would like to be among the first to find out more as soon as the book becomes available, please CLICK HERE. No obligation whatsoever. This book is for you if you are truly interested in never again having personal financial stress.