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This was a crazy Dave April Fool’s post!! So sorry… you will not be able to weigh yourself from your iPhone. Hope you did not try. Sometimes my brain goes wild with ideas! Hope you did have a good laugh with me!

I still believe that you should weigh yourself daily even though you can’t do it from your iPhone. This is what has seriously helped me control my weight. I would be happy to help you with any weight or lifestyle questions. Happy April 1.

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  1. Kaitie
    Kaitie says:

    Ah ha ha! I SO fell for that! I actually went to the app store and searched for that app like 3 times and when I couldn’t find it I clicked on this link and when I read the first sentence my heart sank… but then thought I should just laugh about it. Nice April Fools joke, really had me going there.

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