Here is What to Do if You Have Limited Time to Exercise!

So many of you write to me and tell me that you have very little time to exercise. “I have absolutely no time in my life to fit in an exercise program,” you say.

Well, I feel bad for you but I am not so sure that I believe that you have no time. I know that if something is a priority in our lives, we are able to make time for it. And remember, a little bit is better than nothing at all.

OK, I will give you some tips on how you can fit even a little exercise into your life beginning today.

When I am out in public I am amazed at people’s habits these days. What do we do? We fight for the closest parking spots at malls, sporting events, airports, grocery stores, etc. We take shuttles or taxis to get around the corner. School busses carry our children a few blocks. We use electric carts while playing golf. We take escalators when our legs are perfectly healthy. We use the people movers in airports. We take elevators up or down a couple of floors.

What the heck is wrong with this picture? Seems like we are fighting it every chance we get to move our bodies. That’s why we are so fat!

Let me tell you what I do and you can decide for yourself.

I ALWAYS park in the furthest possible parking spot in a shopping center, grocery store or restaurant. This actually accomplishes two things. My car doors NEVER get nicked up (my 2005 Volvo looks brand new) and I actually get a little exercise walking from my car to the front door of wherever I am going!

If there is a choice, I never take an escalator. I always walk up or down the steps. If there is no choice, I STILL walk up or down the escalators saying “excuse me please” trying to pass the lazy people who choose to not move their bodies at all.

Taking an elevator up or down a few floors? Crazy. I just don’t do it. I walk (or run).

I walk every where I can if there is a choice. Forget driving, taxis, busses, shuttles! If there is a way to walk I will do it. And those damn people movers in airports (moving sidewalks)! I will NEVER get on one of them. I can walk beside them and still beat anyone that is taking the easy way out.

Please remember, our bodies were designed to move. You got to “use it” or you will “lose it.” So next time you are confronted with a choice – make it the right one!

Waddle on!

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    As always Great Advice David. I have said this before- life is motion and Life is in motion.
    I hear people ask why our nations children are becoming so Obese. When I was a kid we were outside all day long when we were not in school, we climbed trees, we built forts, we rode our bikes all over the place. Today’s children sit in front of TVs and computers playing video games. I personally think we are going to see more and more health issues from this besides obesity.
    Get up and move and take your kids with you.

    • davidmadow
      davidmadow says:

      Robert – thanks so much! Actually I have a lot of readers from the UK! Glad to see that my friends across the pond are interested in living a healthy lifestyle! Please stay in touch!

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hey Dave,
    This is great stuff. I love these suggestions, not only does it get you moving but it eliminates the stress of finding that parking spot. I am always looking for ways to incorporate health into my daily routine. Your passion is awesome and inspiring. Your decision to contribute to society in this way gives hope and life to everyone who is ready to take action. Big thanks! Keep it coming. Michael.

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