Look 5-10 Years Younger by Doing THIS!

Do you know what the easiest way to actually appear more vibrant as well as look at least 5-10 years younger? The answer is to just lose some weight. Those of us that are carrying around a few extra pounds… oh my God, what the weight does to our body, our skeleton, our heart, joints, etc. is one thing. But what it does to our actual appearance is another.

If you know you have some weight that you should lose, here is what I would like you to do. Take a picture of yourself. A good face shot is the best. Mark the date on it. Now go back and read my past articles right here. Review my book. If you have not read my book, shame on you because you can do it right here for free!

Now make it your mission to lose the weight that you need to lose over the next several months. I know you can do it. Remember, smaller portions and exercise are the keys! When you have lost the 5, 10, 15, 20 or more pounds that you need to lose, go ahead and snap another picture. Take it in the same position as the original was taken. Mark a date on it.

Congratulations! You now look years younger! You feel better and your friends and family will be amazed. I guarantee you will love yourself!

Always feel free to email me at rundrdave@gmail.com if you have any questions about anything! I am here for you.

Now just do it!

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  1. Terry Chaney
    Terry Chaney says:

    As always GREAT advice David. Its amazing how different even 10lb makes you look. After losing 230lbs there are folks that I run into that have not seen in i a year or more and they do not recognize me.

    Thanks again David.

  2. The Wisconsin Skier
    The Wisconsin Skier says:

    Some years ago (not too many) I was tipping at 240 pounds and trending upwards. I resolved to stop that and not only did the trend stop, but I managed to reverse it for about 20 pounds worth (I am thinking about another push for another 20 # but need a new phone).

    I got a PalmPilot application (yes they had them before IPhones) called “Diet and Exercise Assistant” and via that I set currents, targets, and then logged my food & drink consumption as well as my exercise. This gave me guidance on a daily basis of how I was doing and it worked, I hit my targets on weight and date. I eventually stopped using the application, but once I got a good idea of what my limits were, I was good.

    Do you know, it only takes +10 net calories a day (intake via consumption vs. output via living & exercise) to net you a 10 pound weight gain per year? 10 calories is next to nothing.

    In addition, I found that splurging on occasion is not going to kill you (yes, eat up today and don’t feel guilty) but it is the day-to-day habits that get you. Feeling a bit hungry in the mid-late afternoon? Stay away from the VENDO machine! That bag of M&Ms on a daily basis is going to do your weight more harm than all the turkey, dressing, and potatoes you will eat today.

  3. terrychaney
    terrychaney says:

    Happy Thanksgiving David-
    Here are a few ideas I use for days like today-
    #1- I drink a couple of glasses of water first before the meal.
    #2 Turkey is really good protein- eat that first
    #3- I take 1 small spoon of each side dish and put it on my plate
    #4- I STOP at 1 plate of food
    I love desserts and would feel deprived if I did not try them- so I have 1 fork of the 1s that look really appealing to me- my family is cool with this and the nephews especially think its cool

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