Dr. Dave will bring your audience to their feet with his number one rated talk…

DARE TO CHANGE? – Here Are Ten Ways to Supercharge Your Life!

Are you looking for a great motivating speaker for your conference, college, meeting or seminar, but simply don’t know where to start? Look no further! Dr. David Madow is your guy – he is guaranteed to WOW your audience!

Standing ovation

Dr. David Madow is a 60-something year old “kid” who has never left the playground! A plant based runner, expert skier, backpacker and climber, Dr. Dave is inspiring audiences all across North America.

The name of his keynote talk is “DARE TO CHANGE? – Here Are Ten Ways to Supercharge Your Life!” In this talk, David mixes comedy, music and true inspiration to bring your audience to their feet! When Dr. Dave speaks, EVERYONE in your audience will be glued to their seats. NO ONE will be taking bathroom breaks and you will see no texting or chatting. All eyes will be focused on the stage!


David has over twenty years of speaking experience inspiring dental audiences. A podcaster and author, he is also co-founder of The Madow Brothers and owns one of the most successful dental conferences in North America (see TBSE.com.)  But the good news is that he has recently begun to break outside of dental audiences and is ready to WOW your group.  Guaranteed to get a standing ovation!

Dr. Dave is extremely affordable! But please do not wait to book Dr. Dave, as his speaking and travel schedule is quite busy these days.

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A note from Dr. Dave: With over twenty years of speaking experience, I promise to motivate and inspire your audience. I am a true professional and I pay attention to every detail to make sure that you, the meeting planner, as well as the audience is very happy! 

Name of my talk: “DARE TO CHANGE? – Here Are Ten Ways to Supercharge Your Life!”

The length of this talk can be made to fit into whatever timeframe you would like. Generally 60 minutes works best.  I can do 45 minutes and then leave 15 minutes for Q and A. You tell me and I will make it work! 

I open with some comedy and then quickly move into my inspirational story. I generally cover topics such as goal setting, eating plant based, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, meditation, forgiveness, happiness and love. Then I end the talk with an audience participation song that everyone LOVES! A question and answer period may follow if time allows! 

For more information and bookings, email Dr. Dave at rundrdave@gmail.com or call him at 410-504-2186.

Here is what others are saying about Dr. David Madow

Hi Dave,

Hope you and Yoko had an easy, uneventful trip back home. I am so glad you came back to participate in the Charlottesville Veggie Fest again this year– it was nice to work with someone familiar :). As I expected (because of your charisma and tenacity), you had the largest crowd for a presentation again this year!  Let’s use that to angle main-stage time next year. Thanks again, we’ll be in touch!

~KeriAn Dodson, Planner of Charlottesville Veg Fest


Hi David,

I want to thank you so much for all your support for our work putting the New Jersey VegFest together and for everything you did to help make our first year amazing.

From the first time we spoke on the phone last summer, we were happy to have you on board with your optimistic and positive outlook; something that was much appreciated!

Having you agree to be guest singer with your vegan parody songs and letting fans of your podcast, the David Madow Lifestyle Show, know you would be attending was a huge boost for our event and having you on board really helped us get the word out.

We also cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond on the actual day of the New Jersey VegFest. Your willingness to step in when a speaker was unable to make it at the very last of last minutes was a huge help to us. When we announced you were filling in, your room became packed, as you know, and we heard from so many people that they thoroughly enjoyed your talk and left inspired by it. Having you with your happy attitude around when things weren’t going perfectly really made the 2016 New Jersey VegFest one we will always remember as being wonderful.

Looking forward to having you back in 2017!

Many thanks for all your help.

New Jersey VegFest


For more information and bookings, email Dr. Dave at dave@davidmadow.com or call him at 410-504-2186.