My Crazy Health Scare

So many of you have been messaging me asking if I am OK and what has been going on with my health, etc. I want to tell you please not to worry. I have been going through a multi-month crazy health scare but I have been working very hard at figuring this all out and I am in the process of returning to normal. Or at least as close to normal as possible. 

It would basically be impossible to describe my crazy health scare in words so I have decided to share EVERYTHING via video. I will share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the TRUTH in a series I am calling “My Crazy Health Scare.” Some people may be upset with what I will be revealing but I need to share what I have experienced and learned. I have no sponsors, advertisers or any agenda other than to tell the truth. 

I will not only describe what I went through, but I will share the FOUR things I changed in my life to get my life back on track. Please bear with me, there is a lot to share and I believe this will help many others prevent similar things from happening to them. 

I will be posting this series in a playlist called “My Crazy Health Scare.” At this point the intro video as well as episode one are up! You can follow along here: 

Please check the playlist often for updates and more videos being added to it. To our health! David