New App Easily Turns Your iPhone, iPad or Droid Into a Portable Scale

April 1, 2012

Dear Friend,

If you have been following my health advice for a while, you most likely know how I value weighing yourself every single day because it is by far one of the most important measurements that will help you know how you are doing with your eating and lifestyle program. As I say, “without the scale we are working blindly.”

For those of us that travel frequently, it’s not always so easy to do this as most hotels do not routinely provide scales in their rooms. A few months ago I did purchase a good travel scale but I only bring this with me on extended trips that are greater than one week.

I always knew there had to be a better solution in these times of smartphones, tablets and the internet. I actually came up with an idea and a very short time ago I sat down and developed an app for mobile devices that can turn any device into an actual scale!

I call it iWantToGetWeighed and it is available through most app stores for $1.99. I wanted to make this app so affordable that anyone in the world could download it and use it to improve their lifestyle. The results have been incredible. Morning TV shows and practically every news and health show have been calling me to come on and talk about iWantToGetWeighed. This has become an overnight sensation.

I just created a very short video showing how this app works. Feel free to check it out below!

(NOTE!!!! This was an April Fool’s post back in 2012! No such app exists as we know of right now but we are working on it!)

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