The Simplest Book Ever Written on Saving Quickly, Retiring Early and Living Your Dream Life 

Does thinking about money stress you out?

Do you feel hopeless when it comes to personal wealth?

Do your monthly payments have you in a chokehold

Are you starting to worry that you may never have enough money to live the lifestyle of your dreams?

Would you like to put a permanent halt to feeling anxious about money issues?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, this book is DEFINITELY for you!

Author David Madow made all of the financial mistakes a person could make. During the day, he calculated his enormous stack of bills. At night, he stayed awake imagining himself eating cat food in retirement.

Actually, he wondered if retirement was even possible.

After hundreds of sleepless nights, David decided enough was enough. He made it his mission to immerse himself in the world of personal finance. Over decades he formed a simple, direct strategy to become not only a millionaire, but to put himself in a position to achieve total financial freedom.

In only a few years that strategy took him from misery to millionairedom. 

This strategy doesn’t involve lots of flashy jewelry.

Or swanky private jets.

Or gold toilets. 

It is simply comfortable. 



The best part is anyone can become a Neighborhood Millionaire. You don’t have to kill yourself to save pennies. You don’t need a crazy-high income. You don’t need to track stocks on CNBC every day. 

You only need the basic principles covered in this book. Learn from a self-taught entrepreneur how to turn your financial mess into a success. 

Within the pages of his book you’ll discover:

  • The biggest lie about becoming wealthy. (pg. 28)
  • The very first step to becoming a millionaire. (pg. 6)
  • A simple test to determine whether you can REALLY afford a purchase. (pg. 36)
  • The one greatest roadblocks to becoming the Neighborhood Millionaire and how to get it out of your life. (pg. 103)
  • How to determine if you are in a very dangerous “debt spiral.” (pg. 35)
  • How to get frequent raises… without an employer giving you one! (pg. 152)
  • “The Fast Track” method to becoming a millionaire. (pg. 89)
  • Why financial planners can destroy financial progress. (pg. 185)
  • How to build big assets… even if you never own a home. (pg. 129)
  • One question to verify if you can really afford that new car. (pg. 99)
  • How to send your children to college, no matter your financial circumstance. (pg. 123)
  • The “business” scheme that ruins thousands of people financially each year. (pg. 138) 
  • Why “wealthy” people are more broke than you’d ever imagine. (pg. 53). 
  • How one nurse’s big heart broke her budget. (pg. 95)
  • What the “Golden Handcuffs” of life are… and how to find your way out! (pg. 115)

You don’t need to have a Ph.D in economics to become wealthy. You only need to live the life of a Neighborhood Millionaire. 

Save quickly. Retire early. And start living your dream life. 

Are  you ready to become The Neighborhood Millionaire? Well there is no better time than now to start!

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