Quickie – How to Exercise at Home Without a Gym

Today on the Slice Your Age “Quickie,” Dr. Dave teaches you how he works out at home without ever stepping into a gym.

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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    Good points. I weighed the pros and cons and in my situation I thought it was best to join a gym. A large part had to do with the relatively low cost of my membership. I pay about 10 bucks a month and a yearly 30 dollar fee. In return I get free yoga classes twice a week – which I prefer over self practice. This is much better than going to a Yoga place and paying 10 to 12 bucks PER SESSION!!! I also get use of all the free weights and machines. The gym has a bunch of cardio machines, but normally I don’t use these since I cycle and run regularly. All this stuff (machines, weights, dumbells etc.) takes up precious room in my house – and frankly I just don’t want it. I also like spin classes which I only get charged a couple of bucks. I workout in the evenings so it’s not as crowded either. Sometimes I go early in the mornings and get to use their shower facilities – they are not the best, but they’re good enough.

    Just my 2 cents.

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