Silence for the Next Five Days!

This has been really tough on me. I have had laryngitis for the past couple of months and yes, it has been very difficult. As you may know, I speak for a living. And when I am not speaking, chances are I am in a meeting or on a teleconference or something like that.

I finally broke down and went to my ENT doc who told me I need to do the same thing an athlete does when he or she is injured – REST!!! Rest my voice!

But I have had numerous speaking gigs and meetings lately that it has been impossible. So after finishing up a seminar in Delaware yesterday with a very weak voice, I made the decision that I will not speak for the next five days. Sure it’s going to be tough! So many people count on my voice. My family, my friends, my business associates, my members… it’s so hard to not respond.

So I am now armed with my chalkboard app on my iPad that I will carry with me everywhere. I will try to use gestures. I will make faces. I just won’t talk!

I will ask you a favor. Please send your positive energy my way! My vocal chords need some help! I appreciate every little bit and I will return the favor sometime soon!

Yes, I will continue to rock on my friends. I will just do it quietly.

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    David 5 days of not talking is hard- I know I had to do it nearly 2 years ago. But it is well worth it to know that 5 short days could mean the rest of your life with a great voice.
    Rest up, take care of yourself- lets of fluids will help too.

  2. emma de morgan
    emma de morgan says:

    gargle morning and night with cider vinegar….also drink plenty of boiled water with lemon and manuka honey. my gran swore by that-hasnt failed me yet 🙂
    sending lots of positive vibes and best wishes.

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