Slice Your Age Update

Hey there…

Hope you are well! This message is coming to you today from one of my favorite places on this planet… Breckenridge, Colorado. I normally spend at least a month here every winter where I write, read, clear my mind, meditate, learn, work on goals, and of course…


Do you have a little fun place where you can go to relax and reflect on your life? If not, I would highly suggest trying to find one. It does not have to be an exotic location. Probably the simpler the better. The idea is just to have a peaceful retreat somewhere special for you.

“Slice Your Age” podcast is now in its sixth month and I thank you for helping to make it so successful. I have had close to 30,000 downloads of the 23 episodes in the short time I have been producing the show! Fun stuff! This is not a money maker for me. It is more of a passion… a hobby! I am doing this solely out of my love of teaching and helping people live better lives. Now one day if someone wants to throw some money at me for doing this… well, we’ll see! But money is not my motive. 😉

I love hearing your success stories. A fan named Scott Mahnken just posted a few days ago thanking me for helping him lose 33.7 pounds. Even though I am not sure how he measured the .7 part, it made me feel so good to hear that! Congratulations Scott!! You are awesome and you have officially Sliced Your Age!

By the way, I am accepting a limited number of speaking gigs, so if you would like me to WOW your group with up to a one hour presentation that is guaranteed to change lives and “Slice People’s Ages,” please let me know! I honestly have very little time due to my busy work and travel schedule with The Madow Brothers, but if you have a really cool group and the date works with me, let’s talk! My email is and it’s always turned on!

Lastly, I just did an episode with a mom/dentist named Ritu Rao who describes exactly how she went from the couch to running ultra-marathons. It is really inspiring and even if you never want to run a marathon or an ultra, it is a great listen surely to motivate you. You can listen in by clicking

Thanks for reading and have a great day!