Some Pics From Rim to Rim to Rim in Grand Canyon

If you are on Facebook, please go to to see a bunch of really cool pics from my 48 mile hike in the Grand Canyon! It was so nice meeting so many cool people along the way. I am still working on getting my book started. I have been just so darn busy since my return, it has been slow going. But don’t worry, it will  be worth the wait!  Peace.

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  1. terrychaney
    terrychaney says:

    Your photos are amazing… such natural beauty.
    I cant wait for the book.
    You and your whole team look so healthy and vibrant in the photos.

    Glad you had a good time

    • davidmadow
      davidmadow says:

      Terry – thanks so much for the nice comments on the pics and for your following me. Ice cream awaits next week. But I want you to have dinner first! 😉

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