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230 – When is it Time to Stop Microdosing?

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Here is the complete transcript to today’s show:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
So, how do you know if, and when it’s time to stop microdosing magic mushrooms, I’m going to answer that question for you right now. , I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I’m Dr. Dave, in case you don’t know me in case you’re new to my channel, I really appreciate you. And here’s where I share with you my experience and others’ experiences, as far as changing lives through magic mushrooms, and whether you’re listening to me on my audio podcast or on my video channel, , on YouTube, I really, really appreciate you and help me spread the word. If you can, if you think it’s appropriate for friends or family members, whoever to, , get this information, please, please share it with them. We are changing the world one person at a time. , anyway, I also want to apologize for not being able to reply. I, I try to reply and respond to all messages and help everybody out.

Dr. Dave: (00:50)
But for the past couple weeks, my wife and I have been on this road trip in our RV van throughout we live in, we live in Utah. So throughout Idaho, Montana, glacier national park into Canada, the Canadian Rockies ban lake Louise, , where else? Right now, I’m, I’m sitting on a, on a balcony in, , Emerald lake. I still in the Canadian Rockies is just, if you ever get a chance to come out here and visit this area, , of the United States and Canada is, is so awesome. But anyway, , I digress. I’ve been going through a lot of bad sell areas. I just can’t get online. Like I usually am when I’m home or when I’m somewhere. So I appreciate your patience and it’s not that I don’t love you anymore. It’s just that I have not been able to get online, to answer many comments at all.

Dr. Dave: (01:36)
Now let’s get back to the question that I asked at the very beginning. When is it appropriate? If, and when you should stop microdosing or using magic mushrooms as a medicine to help you with anxiety, depression, PTSD, , insomnia addiction, the list goes on and on and on. So I’ve been microdosing magic mushrooms for about, I, I guess probably about 14 months now, as I’m making this video, I started in April of 2021. , and they have literally changed my life. I, I tried everything else and nothing really helped my anxiety and my depression and my PTSD. , but when I, once I started using magic mushrooms or using them as medicine, , my world totally changed. And I could not imagine a time cause I really, not only were they helping me, but I enjoyed the feeling that I got while I, while I’m microdosing and I still do to this day. But I also heard along the way, people that say or told me that, you know, there comes a point where you don’t really need them anymore. You’re kind of, they kind of take care of you’re kind of fixed. You’re kind of cured if it’s okay to use that word cured. I don’t know if we’re ever cured, but you know what I mean? , so I can, but I can never imagine at a time they were working so well for me and I

Dr. Dave: (02:58)
Was feeling so good. I could never, ever imagine a time where I would just say, okay, I’m not using these anymore. I don’t need them anymore. But here we are about 14 months later after beginning. And I can understand, totally understand that now. , I feel right now totally at peace every single day. And it’s the first time I’ve been able to say this probably in my entire life or at least since I was a kid first time ever. And I’ve, I’m, I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried, you know, , talk therapy and all of the pharmaceuticals that they say you need to, to feel better about yourself and combat anxiety. I tried it all. And the only thing that really really changed my life has been the microdosing magic mushrooms, psilocybin. That is honestly, I guess it has reset my brain in some way that I have never felt like this before.

Dr. Dave: (03:53)
So now do I continue using magic mushrooms? Do I stop? Do I say I’m gonna stop, but I’m going to occasionally take a maintenance dose. Well, I’m not really sure of that answer right now, but I can really totally now understand why some people have told me in the past that you get to a point where you don’t need them anymore and you might want to just take an occasional maintenance dose. And I think that’s where I am right now. I think I feel so good. And sometimes I go for many days in a row without having to use magic mushrooms at all. I’m pretty confident that if I stopped using them now, my brain would be reset in a place that I would still continue to feel really, really good every single day. And yeah, maybe, maybe a maintenance dose I have in started incorporating transcendental meditation into my daily routine as well.

Dr. Dave: (04:44)
And it did a poll on my channel, , a few, couple days ago. And it seems like a lot of you don’t even know what transcendental meditation is. I think it’s also extremely powerful and it’s something that I am going to touch on in a, in a future video, I’ll be able to, , devote an entire video to transcendental meditation because I am learning that it is extremely powerful, especially when used as an adjunct to microdosing magic mushrooms. But again, getting back to the original question, when do we know it’s time to stop? Do we ever stop? Do we have to stop again? I don’t really have an exact answer to that, but now 14 months later, I can honestly understand why people say you do not need to use magic mushrooms at like a pharmaceutical, because when you’re on a pharmaceutical, when you’re on some, for example, , Lexapro or some type of SSRI or antidepressant, or anti-anxiety, you pretty much have to use that for the rest of your life, or it stops working. I do not believe PSI is the same way. I think once you get a reset, once your brain starts acting in different ways in better ways, you do not have to continue using them. Or again, it might be the type of thing that you take an occasional

Dr. Dave: (05:57)
Maintenance dose just to keep it going. But I’m in that phase right now where I am starting to experiment with longer times off. And again, I’m gonna let you know, I don’t have the exact answer right now, but there will come a time where not only I will have the answer, but I will probably not need to be using microdosing the way I’ve been for the past 14 months. I hope that answers the question again. I’m honest enough to admit I don’t have the exact answer at least for me, but I am getting there, but I do finally understand why some people say, no, this is not the kind of thing you need to keep doing for the rest of your life. Once you’re reset, you’re reset. And you’re pretty much good to go. And, and that’s the way I’m looking at it right now. So I hope this helps. , thanks again for being with me. I really appreciate it. If you have not subscribed yet, please subscribe. I will talk to you soon. I have Dr. Dave and remember, as I say on almost all of my shows, sometimes I forget, but this is not to be used as medical advice. It’s friend talking to friend, I’ll talk to you soon.

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229 – Are You Worried That Microdosing Will Make You Anxious?

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Welcome back to Microdose U.

Many people feel extreme anxiety from the thought of microdosing magic mushrooms. In this show, Dr. Dave sheds some light on how to prevent anxiety from microdosing psilocybin.

Here is the complete transcript to today’s show:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there, if you’re hesitating, beginning your microdose journey, because you’ve heard it’s going to bring out all this anxiety and you, and you’re really afraid. It’s gonna make you super anxious. I’m here to help you on this video. Here we go. I’m Dr. Dave, this is not to be taken as medical advice, but I’ve been microdosing and also thrown in some larger doses over a period of, well over a year, 13, 14, 15 months, something like that now. And I’ve heard from so many people lately that they’ve got issues with anxiety, depression, and they really want to try microdosing, but they’ve heard from other people that it has the potential to make you extremely anxious. And for that reason, these people don’t wanna start because they’re afraid that it’s gonna make them so anxious. They can’t do it while I’m here to alleviate your fears. , in the 13, 14, 15, whatever one year plus, , that I’ve been microdosing.

Dr. Dave: (00:53)
I wanted shared with you how many times I’ve had anxiety from silocybin anxiety from microdosing, and I’ve done doses anywhere from a hundred milligrams up to larger than microdose up to maybe two grams. And the nber of times I’ve had anxiety from using psilocybin or magic mushrooms is zero that’s, right? It’s never, ever happened to me now. I realize everybody is different, but I really believe, and I don’t think anybody knows this for sure. So don’t believe everything you hear. I really believe that the reason people become super anxious after microdosing is because it’s all in their mind and they, they, it’s kind of starting an anxiety attack, but it’s not really the, the magic mushrooms. It’s not really the psilocybin is doing. It’s your mind. That’s doing it. I’ll give you a couple examples. , before I started microdosing, I had extreme anxiety. I remember one time I was driving my car.

Dr. Dave: (01:48)
I was at an intersection. It was a red light. I was stopped there. And for some reason, I don’t know what the reason is. I became super anxious. It was an anxiety attack. I didn’t know what to do. It was really, really bad, but was it my car that made me anxious? Was it the actual intersection? Was it other drivers? No, it was my mind. Something was going on in my mind that made me anxious. There was another situation where I was at one of the most peaceful places on the planet. , I was at whole foods. I mean, whole foods is peaceful. And I was, I remember walking over to the checkout line. I had a basket full of groceries. I was going to checkout. And for some reason I became super anxious. Now it was not the whole foods that made me anxious.

Dr. Dave: (02:32)
It was not the cashier. It was not the other people in line. It was me. It was my problem. That’s what caused the anxiety. Nothing at the whole foods caused me to be anxious. So the same thing, we’re using magic mushrooms. It’s when you’re microdosing, think about it. If you start and if you’re super afraid of this, I’m gonna recommend you start with 50 milligrams. It’s a super, super, super low dose. Keep this in mind. There are people that use magic mushrooms. It take 100 times 50 milligrams and, and they survive and they’re, and, and so that, so in other words, a five gram dose would be 100 times larger than what you’re taking as 50 milligrams. It’s not, it’s not gonna make you anxious. It’s inside of you thinking it’s gonna make you anxious, which makes you anxious. If that makes sense. It’s not the mushrooms.

Dr. Dave: (03:23)
A microdose is not going to bring out a 50 grand microdose is not gonna bring out all that anxiety. It’s just not going to now, again, I’m gonna backtrack. I’m gonna say everybody’s different, but from my experience and from what I know, and from what I, the, all the people I’ve talked to over the year that I’ve been doing it, , it just it’s it’s, it’s not, it should not happen with a microdose. So start off small, start off with 50 milligrams. Remember what? I said that when I was driving in my car, or I was at the whole foods, it was not the car. It was not the whole foods that made me anxious. That made me super anxious. It was me. And the same thing is gonna happen. If you go into microdosing and you think it’s gonna make you anxious, and you really believe it, it will.

Dr. Dave: (04:08)
But if you listen to me and know that it’s not, the mushrooms are gonna do it, it’s inside your head. That’s gonna make you anxious. I think that’s gonna help quite a bit. I’m gonna recommend a couple ways to do it again. Keep in mind if you’re starting with 50 milligrams, it is super, super low that I don’t even think that has the capability of making you anxious. And the goal is probably not to stay with 50 milligrams, but it’s a test to show you, to prove to yourself that these magic mushrooms are not going to induce anxiety at a micro dose. They’re just not going to, I’ll have a lot of, some people will disagree with me, but I’m telling you again, over one year over one year of microdosing and taking some larger doses, it has never caused any anxiety in me. And I am one that had a ton of anxiety before I started microdosing, , to make things even better.

Dr. Dave: (05:04)
I’m, I’m going to recommend a couple different scenarios, a couple different possibilities to start while you’re microdosing. Nber one, take the 50 milligrams as a start at home and be in a really relaxing setting. They say set and setting your mindset, which I’m talking to about now. And you’re setting, which where you’re gonna be are the two most important things. And again, keep in mind if, if you feel yourself ever started to get anxious, keep in mind. Dr. Dave said, it’s in your mind. It’s not the mushrooms doing it. And go back to what I’ve said about. They’re not going to make you anxious. So the first way to do it, I recommend is taking the 50 milligrams relaxing around your house, sitting on the sofa, watching some TV and put on something funny. I’ll tell you what I did the very first time I biker do. Cause I didn’t know what to expect either. I, I think I turned on the three Stooges

Dr. Dave: (05:56)
On YouTube. I just did a search for three Stooges and I was there on the sofa, just laughing and laughing is great medicine to alleviate anxiety anyway. So watch something funny. Listen to something funny. If you have a favorite podcast, that’s really funny. Just listen or watch something really funny. And I’m pretty much guaranteeing you. You’re gonna be totally fine. You will be fine. The second possibility is to ingest the 50 milligrams and then a short time later, they take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes to, to go into to your systems so that if you were gonna feel anxious, that would be the time. But again, you’re not gonna feel anxious. You won’t. So the second scenario is go out and take a walk in nature. I wouldn’t walk around like a crowded city, , because you know, you don’t wanna be around a million people when you’re doing this, but go out on a nature hike, go out in, in, in a park, just relax.

Dr. Dave: (06:50)
And you’re gonna be totally fine. Again, if you get anxious from 50 milligrams, it’s it’s in your mind. So I want you to keep thinking this over and over and over again. That’s why I’m repeating myself over. Cause when you do these, when you do ’em for the first time, I want you to think of this video. Feel free to watch this video over and over and over again, because I’m telling you that 50 milligrams of magic mushrooms are not going to make you anxious unless you think they think they will. Same as when I was driving. Same as when I was at the whole foods, it was something inside of me that did it think of these magic mushrooms as something that’s going to help you. It’s going to alleviate anxiety. That’s why you’re doing this is gonna take care of your anxiety and your depression.

Dr. Dave: (07:36)
It’s not going to make you more anxious. It’s not going to make you more depressed if you really believe that. And by the way, it’s true. If you really believe that, and you watch this video a few times and learn from my experience, you’re gonna be totally fine. I promise you. And again, keep in mind, it’s such a tiny, tiny, tiny dose, even compared to what some people do recreationally it’s minuscule. So once you find that the 50 milligrams is not going to make you anxious and it won’t. Then again, watch one of my previous videos that talks about, , a beginner’s guide to microdosing and it walks you right through how to know exactly what dose is right for you. , I’ll see if I can give you a link right below in the description, because again, these two videos combined are going to help you.

Dr. Dave: (08:25)
They’re gonna prove to you that you’re gonna be totally fine. A micro dose. Again, it’s just that it’s a microdose. It would be TA it would be like taking, you know, somebody has like a, a, a can of beer in front of it’d be taking like a few drops of beer and saying, oh, this is really affecting me. No, it’s not going to affect you. It’s just really not. You’re gonna be totally fine. Take it from me. I’m Dr. Dave, I’m here to help you. I’m here to give you support we’re in this together. You’re fine. Talk to you soon.

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223 – Could Microdosing Help You With This?

Welcome back to Microdose U! Today Dr. Dave shares something that most people never think of as fas as microdosing magic mushrooms. But they have helped him incredibly with this. Tune in to find out!

Here is the entire transcript:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there, Dr. Dave, back with you. And on this show, I share how microdosing magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms has totally, totally changed my life around. And this morning, I’m just thinking about something, um, really cool. That it’s helped me with that I wanted to share with you a little bit today. Um, so okay. In the past and I’m I’m right now, I am in my psychedelic van, which we will be traveling around, um, the Western part of the country coming up pretty soon. And I’ll share it with you, let you know, and if you’re around, if we can meet up in the van, that will be pretty darn cool. Wouldn’t it. In the meantime, let’s get back to the subject for today. Um, so in the past, I I’ve always been like a little bit of a worrier, I would say warrior, w O R R I E R worry, not warrior, but warrior .

Dr. Dave: (00:52)
Um, and one of the things I would, I mean, I worried about a lot of things. A lot of things would get to me, but one of the things I would worry about, um, would be financial stuff in, in particular things that maybe I couldn’t even control now, I’ve got a really good financial plan in place and I stick to it and I’m really good about that type of stuff. But for example, let’s say, um, the stock market started crashing or even not even crashing, but just going down. I would, I would start to worry and I would start to become anxious and I would start to get upset because I’d have all these scenarios in my mind, like, oh my God, I’m gonna be homeless. Um, things are gonna go to zero. I’m not gonna have any money. I’m, I’m not gonna be able to put food on the table.

Dr. Dave: (01:31)
I mean, all these really weird scenarios would go through my mind. Um, but, and, and, and the thing is though the stock market and personal finance, it, you know, you, you do the best you can, but I can’t control the stock market. And over time, what happens is it always goes up. It then has periods where it will go down, but then it’ll go up again. And, and the net sum of it going up is much greater than going down. That’s why the stock market always, you know, if you look at it over time, it’s always like up, up, up, probably like a little down then up, up, up more the little down and during the downs, I would always get anxious and, and start to think that I can’t, I can’t go out to dinner tonight. I can’t, I can’t buy my wife a gift. I can’t do this and that to, because the stock market’s crashing. So a totally unrealistic, totally not even reasonable, because again, I have no control over it and it’s just not true. It goes down, but then it always comes back up. Since I have been using magic mushrooms, microdosing magic mushrooms, um, there’s been a much greater feeling of peace and calmness inside of me, even when the stock market tumbles, like, for example, as I’m recording this, it’s early May, 2022 and this past week, or even the past few weeks have been

Dr. Dave: (02:59)
Just awful. I mean, really awful. The, the, like, I think Friday, the stock market, the, the Dow went down like over a thousand points. Now in the past, that would put me in a panic. I would, I’d be off worried, anxious all of the above and a lot more now, since I’ve been, you know, working on myself and working on my body and my mind and everything. And of course using the magic mushrooms to microdose, I, it doesn’t, it doesn’t bother me. I mean, I’m realizing that, and I, I realized this all before. It’s not like, I, it’s not, like, I didn’t know it, but, but now the fact that it goes down, it crashes, whatever. That’s kind of what I say, you know, whatever it’s, it’s gonna be, okay, it’s gonna come back. It’s gonna come back bigger and stronger than ever. It’s right.

Dr. Dave: (03:50)
It’s fine. But in the past, I could never do that. I knew it in my heart. I knew it would, it would be okay, but I, I couldn’t get past that. And I would, I would actually literally have lousy days sometimes and lousy weeks and maybe even lousy months just because the market was in disarray fast for, uh, not fast forward, rewind, rewind back to, um, you know, 2008 in that timeframe. I was, I was a mess because I thought like, everything I had was just going, going to hell it didn’t happen. I mean, you know, the stock market started coming back in. I don’t know what was it, 2009 or so, whatever it was, and, and started coming back like crazy. And, and we had like the longest run bull market, maybe one of the longest run bull markets that we’ve ever had. So we’re due for a correction we’re due for it to go down and it it’s.

Dr. Dave: (04:39)
Okay. Just don’t I don’t do anything differently. I try not to obsess. I try not to watch it too much, but you know, sure. It’ll go down, but then eventually it’ll go back up and way more than it’s ever been. It, it just always happens when will it happen? I, I don’t know if I had the answer to all those things. I I’d go to the racetrack and, and, uh, or play the lottery and win a fortune. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t do either of those. Um, I just have a sensible financial plan. And since I have a, um, plan now for my mind to get that back on track and not to get distracted and disturbed and anxious, then things are much, much better. Now you might not be worried about the stock market at all, but there’s definitely something that probably makes you anxious.

Dr. Dave: (05:23)
That’s probably why you’re watching me today. It might be, um, something with your family, your job, um, uh, COVID, it, it could, it could be anything that when you see something in the news, you know, wars, things like that. When you see something in the news that gets you really aggravated, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be aggravated, especially with things that are totally out of your control. But it’s easier for me to say that because you know, who am I to say, don’t get aggravated, you know, you, you can, I mean, you sh and it happens. I’m not saying that’s

Dr. Dave: (05:56)
Good, but you, but you, it does happen. But with the microdosing and using psilocybin, it’s done some type of a reset for my brain that I just, I go like, okay, you know, whatever another bad week in the stock market, another bad week, or another bad day doing this another bad, you know, whatever, whatever it might be, um, it’s outta my control. I can only do the best I can do, and it’s gonna give it’s gonna be fine. And that’s what I’m trying to say. The, the psilocybin has like totally reset my brain in a, in a very, very, very good way that I just don’t seem to worry or obsess over these things that we can’t control anymore. And that’s a real, real positive thing. And I wanted to share that with you, cuz I think on some level, whatever you might be worrying about or obsessing over or some, whatever. I think that, um, what I’ve been doing in the past 13 months with microdosing could possibly help you as well. Okay. That’s what I wanna say. That’s my kind of advice for the day. Thanks for being with me. I really appreciate it. And um, Dr. Dave, this is not to be taken as medical advice. I will really talk to you soon. Love you.

202 – What Happened When I Took a Museum Dose of Magic Mushrooms?

So yesterday I took 1.1g of psilocybin magic mushrooms. This is considered to be more than a microdose. Some call it a “museum dose.” I explain in today’s show how they made me feel. I will say that this medicine has done more for my anxiety and depression in seven months than anything else I have done over decades has done. And I emphasize “medicine.” I am NOT using psilocybin as a party drug. This is serious medicine, even though it is not legal at the moment and considered Schedule I by the DEA.