One year ago today I met a man that had a very strong passion to help others have a fuller and happier life. He wanted to make a difference, and change the world for anyone who needed guidance. He has a support network that keeps him strong.

I was stuck in life. My health was very poor, I had no confidence in myself and life was just not moving along like it should have been. He gave me the confidence I needed to implement change in my life. There is great power in learning from other people’s experiences.

Listening to him has made a significant and profound difference in my life. He has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to live my life so that I am healthier, happier and enjoying my life to the fullest.

He gave up his time to stop and visit with me in person while traveling on his first Hippie Road Trip. That day, David Madow gave me the push I needed to change my life for the better, one year ago today.

I can never thank you enough David for the profound difference in my life that you have given me.


Steve Moore
Oklahoma City, OK