Why Hide It?

Please excuse today’s title. I had a totally different article in mind for today’s blog. But then I realized there is something extremely important that I need to share with you.

My new book is FINALLY on Amazon! This is super exciting. Not because I just published a book. It’s because I can now help people all across the globe lose all of their stress about money issues and become financially independent!

It’s called “How to Become The Neighborhood Millionaire” and I would say it could be the most prolific book written on personal finance in the last 100 years! I am going to be helping people who are stressed about money, in debt, questioning retirement, not sure how to invest, arguing with spouses, don’t have nearly enough in savings, and so much more!

Every book written on this subject to date is too complex, too esoteric, and beyond the comprehension of regular people like you and me. That’s why so many people are still broke and confused.

Until now! My book will change EVERYTHING.

Now as good as this may sound, I am going to ask for your help today. You see, the only way I can get the word out about this book in the beginning is to ask people like you to go to Amazon, purchase the book (either Kindle or paperback) and then give it a good honest review. I want to help thousands of people and this is really my only shot right now.

And the way Amazon’s algorithm works is that if many people are buying a book in a very short period of time (the same day), it detects that there is a lot of interest in that particular book. So Amazon then suggests it to others and word grows and grows.

This is precisely why I am asking you to do this right now! Yes, it would be a great favor to me. Please go to Amazon at this link: https://amzn.to/3wQe1nC. Then purchase the book for yourself and perhaps even more for friends, loved ones, co-workers, family members and more! One is good, more is even better!

Then once you see how good it is and how it can help so many people who are in need, go ahead and give it a good honest review. I would LOVE to get 100% compliance today and tomorrow! That would be so awesome! But that means you need to click through right now! I am giving you a million THANK YOUS in advance. Now please go to https://amzn.to/3wQe1nC.