The Rewards of the Marathon

I have just completed ironing words on the shirt I will be wearing in the Chicago Marathon this Sunday.

The front simply says “DAVE.” That’s so as I run, every spectator on the 26.2 mile course will see my name and yell “GO DAVE!” This will hopefully give me the energy I will need to complete the race!

The back says “The rewards of the marathon cannot be measured by a stopwatch.” How true this is. I am not out to win this race. Nor am I out to have a fast time. This is a lifestyle, and my goal is to finish the race comfortably so that I will be able to run the next one. And the next one.

Waddle on my friends!

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    David you are amazing. Last week it was a 48 mile hike into and out of the Grand Canyon and this week its running 26.2 miles.

    Good luck to you and Yoko both. Its amazing and awesome what you do.


    God Speed

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