“The Turntable” Final Thoughts – Letters From YOU!

I did not plan to make this article three parts. But out of anything I have ever written, it seems as though the turntable has resonated with more of you than anything else. I want to share some great comments I have received from YOU from the first two parts of “The Turntable.” Thanks so much. We can really all re-live our pasts!

David – Great article on The Turntable. Your words really resonated with me. I think you can relate to what I am about to say. When I was younger, my life seemed to be going at a full 78 rpm. Fast. Everything was good… smooth… easy. As I approached my 40’s and was deep into marriage, kids, earning an income, it slowed down to 45 rpm. Now 60, divorced, kind of lonely and getting older. Looking for the right soulmate and due to all of this, my life seems to be spinning at 33 rpm. My goal is to get it back on track. Maybe I will buy a new turntable. Do you think that will help?

Steve A.


It may interest you to know that, when you are back in MD, I have a pretty big collection that I will be seriously downsizing… hopefully this year! Right now, they’re mostly in record boxes (I used to work at Record & Tape Collector’s on Coldspring, back in the late 70’s/early 80’s) and some moving boxes. Bottom line, they are packed well and tight, so, despite not having seen the light of day since the first Clinton Administration (not too much of an exaggeration for most of them), they should still be in good shape. At some point I may have a comprehensive catalog, which could come in handy, as I live in the boonies of Southern MD, now (Calvert County, about 20 miles south of Annapolis, on the Western shore of The Bay).

So let me know if you’re interested. Meanwhile, keep the vinyl spinning!

– Bob Landau

Hi Dave

I grew up off Patterson Ave. I’m digging your groove man!


Did this really happen? Because I know you pretty well, I was cracking up imagining you stalking this poor woman in the record store. I’m surprised she did not call the cops.

Sylvia Carlin

Dave, I love that Tommy was your first purchase with your new turntable! One of the greatest albums of all time! Europe ’72 by the Grateful Dead was one of my favorites. Must have gone through about 3 copies!
Josh Bernstein, DDS

David, I have four copies of Frampton Comes Alive if you are interested. Maybe you don’t want all four, but can you take just one off my hands? No charge for you. Just pay shipping from UK.

Steven S

David –

Could you please tell me exactly what turntable model you bought? I am itching to get one now and I totally trust you.

Jim Parrish

Dear David,

You understand life. I love what you are doing. What a great attitude. I would pay (almost) anything for you to be my personal coach or mentor. Are you taking clients? Please contact me at (left blank intentionally).

Amy (last name withheld for confidentiality)


You brought back so many memories of my childhood with your turntable articles. I hope you are not done. Those were the days, weren’t they?


Dave, I read both articles. My equipment has always been high-end, a trait I passed down to my son, whose own system is in the $250k- plus range. We both still cherish vinyl.

Stan Sirody

Great stuff Dave! My son has my turntable as well as all of my vinyl. Luckily I have visitation rights!

Barry Z