This is Why I Had to Pause Being Vegan

First of all, I want to make sure you know that Episode #2 of “My Crazy Health Scare” is now up and ready for viewing. As you may have guessed from my hints, it has to do with my vegan diet coming to an end after seven years of working so hard at it.

As you will discover in the video, it was heartbreaking, but the time came where I had to choose between my body totally falling apart or re-introducing some animal products back into my diet. You will see that nowhere in the video will I say that vegans need to quit being vegans. I am simply relating the story of what actually happened to MY body after seven years. The link to the playlist (more videos coming very soon) is right here:

This is a VERY important video for everyone. If you are vegan, you need to realize what could possibly be going on in your body “behind the scenes” without you even knowing it for years. Remember, I was a hard core vegan and advocate. I spoke at many conferences promoting the lifestyle. But I owe it to you and others to be honest. If I see a problem, no matter what my beliefs are or were, I will share it with you. And if you are not vegan, it may give you some information should you ever weigh the possibility of going vegan.

Now I know there are some people that do not want to hear any information if it goes against what they believe or what they are doing. It’s sad but I know that to be true. In the upcoming weeks I am actually going to be sharing MUCH more and a lot of it will include what I discovered “behind the scenes” at many meetings and conferences. I kept my mouth shut for years but I will be revealing things that some would never believe but may want to hear about. So stay tuned.

OK, time to move on. Many of you here as well as on my YouTube channel have asked if I could do a Zoom meeting to share more as well as answer any of your questions in real time. I am seriously considering doing this once I complete episodes #3 and #4 of “My Crazy Health Scare.” So hang in. I will plan this and it will be open to all of my subscribers.

Opening Day at Park City was last week! Yoko and I love it as it’s our “celebration” of winter beginning. I made a little video:

Lastly, I have been working on something now for several years and I truly hope I will be able to share it with you by the time the next issue comes out. I can’t say too much more other than I am pretty sure you are going to absolutely LOVE this! Let’s just say it will be something that you will be able to really enjoy as we endure such difficult times. So hang in there! Stay safe.