Want to Lose Some Weight? Just Follow Me On This One!

A recent day trip I took to New York City had the potential to be a killer. So much cool stuff to do there. Taxis, buses, subways! And there are the restaurants! What about the food vendors on the street? So much eating. It’s never ending!

I love New York and I try to get there as often as I can. It’s only a little bit more than a two hour train ride from where I live in Baltimore. It’s easy!

Come with me on a trip I took recently and see how I did it and actually LOST two pounds!

I woke up very early, about 5AM, got myself together and drove to the train station. No food at home but one cup of coffee at the train station which I took on the train and nursed it the entire ride. No milk and NO SUGAR. Just black coffee. By the way, I hope you NEVER use those artificial sweeteners. They are killers. We will talk about them at another time.

Arrived at New York’s Penn Station about 9:30AM. Lot’s of steps to get up to the street level. Almost everyone was taking the escalator.

Me? I ran up the stairs!

Walked over to one of my favorite diners close to the train station called Tic Toc Diner. It was jumping! Most people had big plates with tons of food in front of them. Big omelets stuffed like you’ve never seen. They were drinking soft drinks, hot chocolate with whipped cream, etc.

Me? I had two eggs, one piece of toast, a small orange juice and water. This not only saves me pounds, but it saves me money as well.

Next, I wanted to go down to the village. Most people would jump into a taxi or get on the subway.

Me? I walked. It was a cold, windy day, but by walking, I was able to take in tons of great scenes, street festivals, and farmers markets that I would not have seen had I jumped on mass transportation.

Whenever I have to use the bathroom on NYC, I love going into a Starbucks. Always have good clean free bathrooms. And I get to see all of the people hanging around drinking those expensive, sugar laden coffee drinks.

Me? Just used the bathroom… no drinks! By the way, I carry my own water in my backpack.

There is a place in the village that I always get a massage. It is unbelievably relaxing and one of the best massages for the money. So I went in and got a TWO hour massage! Talk about a great experience. I would recommend a good massage to you if you possibly can do this! A great stress buster by the way!

Next I was a little hungry. There are so many choices for food in the East Village, where I was. Did I succumb to a big, unhealthy meal (which would have been simple)?

Me? I went into a Japanese Ramen restaurant and had a bowl of very healthy ramen, which is a soup with noodles, veggies and some meat. Delicious!

A little more walking around to pick up a few things that I needed. Another Starbucks for the bathroom. Then back to the midtown area. Easy to jump in a taxi, bus or subway!

Me? I walked it again. This is great exercise and again I stress all of the stuff you can see if you walk!

I walked around midtown quite a bit and did not succumb to any of the street food vendors. It was now getting close to the time that I had to start thinking about a little dinner so I could catch my train back to the big “B.”

Me? I went into one of my favorite Korean restaurants and had a great meal of Be Bim Bop which consisted of rice, veggies and a little meat mixed up in a cast iron pot. Delicious, and I only ate about half of it. Tea and water were my drinks.

Next, I walked back to the train station, was sure to walk the steps and not use the escalator.  A short time later I was back in Baltimore feeding my cats! I had a great day, stayed in shape and did not gain even one pound.

You do not have to go to New York to do this. You can incorporate any of these principles into your daily life. Come on my friend, I know you can do it. Please be sure to send me an email if you have any questions about living a healthy lifestyle. I am at rundrdave@gmail.com and my mail is always on!

Have a great day.

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  1. terrychaney
    terrychaney says:

    Wow David – it sounds like a really fun filled day in the big Apple.
    You are so correct, most times just making small simple changes in how and what you do can make a huge difference in your weight.
    Its great you ran the stairs, but for some folks that might not be the wises thing, but certainly walking the stairs is a great cardio exercise. Walking the streets on a bright but chilly day also great.

    Congrats on making GREAT food and Beverage choices.
    Many people do not realize how bad for you some of these frappachion, mochachino drinks are for you.

    Your awesome David.

  2. mary beth
    mary beth says:

    Been trying to walk wherever we go, get out of my office chair and do jumping jacks, run in place and lift some weights……..Now if I could just eliminate the sugar from my coffee. I used to use the artificial sweeteners but have stopped them all! No crystal light, no splenda or truvia in my coffee – just use organic sugar cane. I know I should cut the sugar out, but at least sugar is natural compared to the other stuff. 🙂 Thanks for another great blog!

  3. mj
    mj says:

    These are all fantastic suggestions. I like the way you present the healthy lifestyle options — with such enthusiasm. A person actually feels good about making better choices and that, to me, is the key. I love your blog — it’s one of my favorites!

  4. Millie Thompson
    Millie Thompson says:

    After reading your book, and then purchasing a Bodybugg, I feel I am finally on the right road. I threw out all of my old definitions and concepts of “DIET”. The bottom line is simply eating less and moving more. I’ve been lying to myself about the choices I’ve been making for a long time. You keep me motivated…the bodybugg keeps me honest. It’s a winning combination for me..after 30 days I’m down 10 pounds and feeling better than ever. Thanks, Dave!

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