Week 13 of My Vegan Journey

Thirteen is supposed to be an unlucky number. I don’t think it is. This is an incredible week so far. A lot of things are clicking in.

I am at a conference in Dallas and the very first thing I did when I got into town was to go to the Whole Foods store to stock up on healthy vegan food for my hotel room.  In the old days I would be at the hotel buffet for breakfast stuffing eggs and an occasional piece of bacon into my mouth. After all, it was easy, and of course everything tasted so good.

hotel room

The only meals I will see the inside of a restaurant for while here in Dallas are my dinners, and I will make sure they are either at a vegan restaurant or at least a vegan friendly one. The first night I got Indian and last night I went to an all vegan Asian place. Both excellent!

Another thing I am doing these days is making sure I meditate every day. As many of you know, I have been meditating for quite a while, but just not on a totally regular basis. Now at the very least it’s twelve minutes every single morning. More if possible. I got a great app for my phone called “Insight Timer” that keeps track of each session. Meditation, just like yoga, is a life changer. I believe it has the potential to add many more healthy years to our lives.

One of the most common things I hear from people is that going vegan will be difficult or inconvenient. I beg to differ with those statements. It is easy!

Really easy!

You just need to care.

If animals matter to you and if you believe that we should not impose any unnecessary suffering on them, then you are just about there. You just need to take that next step and not eat them.

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