What Have You Been Doing the Last Ten Months?

That’s right, we have been “social distancing” along with on and off lockdowns for close to a year now. If you have been sick or have loved ones who got sick or were lost, I am truly sorry and I am with you and sending love.

And if you’ve been fortunate enough to escape the virus up until now, I would love to know what you have done, if anything, to enhance your life, even if just a little bit in 2020. 

Personally I have done some things but maybe not as much as would have liked. I have definitely read a lot of good books, some of which I have shared here with you. Probably my favorite has been “Breath” by James Nestor. If you have not read this one, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I wanted to study more Japanese but that has not worked out so well for me. I chalk it up to laziness. After all, I had plenty of time but I just put it off.

Yoko and I wanted to write a song to sing and play together but that has also been put on the back burner.

It kind of bums me out because there has been just SO MUCH time to do things in our lives that perhaps in the past we have not had time for or maybe procrastinated on. Now we have the time and we still don’t get it done? Why not? Do you feel the same way or are you happy with how you have been spending your time mostly isolated from friends and family?

It’s not over. I STILL plan to study some Japanese and write that song with Yoko. Maybe sharing these words with you will actually get me going. Because it’s so easy to be lazy, right? And days turn into weeks and the weeks into months.

There IS one thing that I have spent quite a bit of time writing and I will likely share it with you in the next issue.

Finally, this has nothing to do with the above, but I started a little video series on my YouTube Channel called “A Friend to Lean On.” It is for you if you are frustrated with not being able to visit friends and family members as you always have. It’s for you if you simply want a comforting voice to listen to while you are awake or when you’re trying to fall asleep. Sometimes it makes sense, other times it does not! As of this writing I have three episodes up. Check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO8l2YoJXkA…