What is All This About Living Until 102?

Yeah, yeah, I know this blog is called “Follow Me to 102!”

And since the name of my Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/healthyat102) is the same, you wouldn’t believe many people actually ask me this question:

“Hey Dave, what makes you think you will live to 102?”

The answer to the question is this. I actually have no idea how long I will live. I could go tomorrow, I could live a very long life, or maybe somewhere in between. In the scheme of things, much of how long we will live is out of our control.

BUT!!! And this is a very serious but! I do believe if we live our lives in the healthiest manner possible without being fanatics about everything, we significantly boost our chances to live a long, prosperous healthy life.

So this is exactly where I come in. I do believe I can help you. I have figured out great ways to live your best life ever and I am here to teach. So please follow me and whether or not we make it to 102, I do guarantee that we will have some great times together for quite some time to come.

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Rock on!

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