Yoko’s Salt Lake Soap – The Best Soap Ever!

Close your eyes and picture yourself relaxing in a beautiful natural hot spring somewhere in the Japan countryside. Hot springs in Japan are called “onsen” and they are a very important part of the Japanese culture.

After soaking in the onsen, you feel healthy and invigorated – it’s a feeling that is impossible to describe unless you are actually able to experience it. Maybe you are more relaxed than you’ve ever been in your life. You want to do this every day!

I am so fortunate to be married to a Japanese woman who has introduced me to such an amazing culture. I have traveled to Japan many times with my wife Yoko. When I am there we spend a lot of time with her friends and family so I experience Japan more as a local and not as a tourist. An onsen experience is as much a ritual as it is a soak in a hot spring.

But let’s face it. A trip to Japan right now is not easy and likely not in the cards for you. Same with us! But not to worry, as we could possibly have the very next best thing for you right here!

What could that next best thing be? It’s taking a hot bath in the privacy of your home. Yoko and I absolutely love taking daily hot baths with a good quality soap that leaves you refreshed and your skin tingly! You may say I am addicted! What you put in the water and what you clean your skin with makes all the difference in the world.

Even after searching for years it was always difficult to find that perfect soap. We experimented with perhaps dozens of different types. Some were good and some were not so good. But we were unable to find exactly what we were looking for.

So what we decided to do was to take the matter into our own hands! One Saturday afternoon, while walking around a farmer’s market here in Salt Lake City, we met a local soap artisan. We shared our idea with him. He loved it! We then worked together to develop a soap that will refresh your body more than you would ever believe.

Yokos Salt Lake Soap

Introducing Yoko’s Salt Lake Soap – made with activated charcoal and peppermint! Whether you love soaking in a bath or you are more of a shower person… this is the soap for you. It’s a soap that will make you feel good all over. We have literally waited for years to find the perfect soap, and now it’s finally here!

Let’s face it. We are going through crazy times. Many of us are stressed and anxious not knowing what tomorrow will bring. That’s the main reason we are now offering Yoko’s Salt Lake Soap. To make every single day special for you.

Our recommendation is to take a daily bath or shower using Yoko’s Salt Lake Soap. This soap may not be able to change the world, but it will make YOU feel much better every day. And little steps are good ones, right?

Order your supply today by going to OUR STORE. They come in convenient packs of four or six bars. Once you experience Yoko’s Salt Lake Soap, your life just may change!

Note: because of the nature of this product, we are not able to accept returns. Thanks for understanding.

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