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Welcome and thank you for being a part of this community. My name is Dr. David Madow and I am the founder of MICRODOSE U. This resource page is a work in progress that is continually being updated.

Everything that is shared here is for informational purposes only. Be aware of all local, state and federal laws and adhere to them accordingly. ONLY use this medicine in areas where it has been legalized or decriminalized.

Magic mushrooms have literally turned my entire life around. Is was not that long ago when I was hanging on the sofa in my house wondering if I was going to make it. Almost every day was filled with fatigue, anxiety, depression, and practically zero motivation to plan or do anything. I cannot begin to explain how horrible this feeling was.

After trying all different kinds of medication, psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, and so much more, I found the answer.

Magic mushrooms. And let me tell you, they are absolutely magic!

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So let me ask… are you experiencing any of the following?

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • low or no motivation
  • problems with libido
  • addiction
  • OCD
  • intolerance to others
  • weight gain or loss
  • helplessness
  • pain
  • lack of creativity
  • stuttering or stammering
  • bullying

If so, you may be in the right place. I encourage you to read everything here and familiarize yourself with this way of life. I am sharing my personal story. This is NOT medical advice. Nor is it therapy. I am not licensed to provide either. It’s simply everything I have learned and personally done to combat and totally reverse what I had been going through for a majority of my life, sometimes without even knowing it.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a powerful psychedelic compound. There are many different species of mushrooms containing psilocybin, the most common one being Psilocybe cubensis. Within each species, there are also many different strains.

Are magic mushrooms legal?

It depends where you are in the world. I am in The United States, and except for a few areas where they have been decriminalized, psilocybin remains a Schedule 1 drug which means it has a high abuse potential and no medical use. As you read on you will discover how both of these points are far from the truth.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is consuming a very small dose of a substance, typically 1/10th of a usual or therapeutic dose to receive benefits without experiencing any psychoactive or undesirable effects.

What type of mushrooms are good for microdosing?

Many will do, but perhaps the most common strains are called Golden Teachers and B+. Both of these are strains of the Psilocybe Cubensis species. When we speak of microdosing, the preferred way is to use ground dried mushrooms inside of capsules. This way they can be measured and weighed accurately. The reason for using ground mushrooms is due to the fact that the psilocybin in not equally distributed through the mushroom.

How do I start? What is the best starting dose?

A microdose of Psilocybe Cubensis is generally anywhere from .05g (50mg) to .3g (300mg). Since everyone is different, a good starting dose is generally .1g (100mg). I recorded a video called “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms.” This should give you all of the info you need on starting and dosing.

Where may I purchase magic mushrooms?

Sorry, I NEVER discuss this topic here, on the Youtube Channel or on the Podcast. You will have to research and figure this part out on your own.

How long before I feel any results?

Again, everyone is different so it’s difficult to say. Some people feel better almost immediately and it takes others much longer. The most important thing is that you get started and stick with it.

Can I microdose more than once in the same day?

Psilocybin is not at all like cannabis or alcohol, whereas the more you ingest throughout the day, the more you are affected. After you microdose for the day, taking a second dose the same day is not likely to add much more benefit. I have taken a morning and evening dose on occasion if for some reason I felt I really needed it. But normally, not is it only unnecessary, it is unlikely to do all that much. So stick with no more than one dose per day.

I am currently taking an SSRI antidepressant as well as a benzodiazepine. Is it OK to use magic mushrooms at the same time?

I have to be very careful here not to give medical advice. You should ask your doctor this question. Having said that, there are many people (including me) who have begun microdosing while on antidepressants and they ultimately were able to wean off of them.

Can I develop a tolerance to magic mushrooms/psilocybin?

The answer is yes, you may. For this reason, it is advised not to microdose every day. There are many very popular regimens out there. Some say to dose four days on, three days off and repeat. Others say three days on, one day off and repeat. I do not think there is a right or wrong as long as you are getting enough time off to avoid the tolerance.

Can I die if I ingest too many magic mushrooms?

Generally, psilocybin is not toxic, so the answer is that it would be extremely unlikely to cause death, and you would have to ingest so many, it would be nearly impossible. That’s not to say you couldn’t have a really bad experience if you take too many. And since we are all about microdosing here, if you stick to that, it is very unlikely you will experience a big problem.

Can I use magic mushrooms while I am pregnant?

Studies on pregnant women using magic mushrooms are incomplete, if there are any at all. Since there is not enough evidence either way, I cannot recommend psilocybin be used by a pregnant woman. Also, please remember that I am not giving medical advice on this site. It is my personal experience with magic mushrooms.

How long will I have to microdose to feel good? Is this a lifetime commitment?

This is a great question and I do not have the definitive answer. Again, everyone is different. I have spoken with people who ultimately stop but maybe go back and take an occasional maintenance dose. Some keep it going long term. Only you will be able to make that decision. Remember, if you stop, you can always go back!

The Absolute Beginners Guide To Microdosing Magic Mushrooms – Watch This!

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