The 100th Bay to Breakers 12K Run – San Francisco – 2011

Friends! This was truly an amazing experience. As I have been reporting to you for the past few years, this race starts at The Embarcadero by the San Francisco Bay and takes runners and walkers across the party lined streets of the city all the way to the Pacific Ocean… hence the name “Bay to Breakers!”

I was certainly a little concerned this year as I was coming off an injury but I feel confident to say that my leg feels much better and I am pronouncing my injury “gone!” As a matter of fact, as soon as I finished the race and collected my medal (yes, they gave medals this year for the 100th running), I turned around and walked the entire course backwards to the starting line!

Total miles = 15!

Just as an aside, the coolest part of the race was actually walking back to the start. As you may know, many people wear crazy costumes for this race. And I always thought that was pretty cool. But the SERIOUS craziness does not even start until all the locals come out around midday and take over the race course turning it into the hugest Halloween party you have ever seen in your life.

Bay to Breakers 12K is always the third Sunday in May. This means 50,000 people will be taking to the streets on May 20th, 2012. Actually 50,000 is the official number of registrants. When you factor in all the other people that come out, that number is way over 100,000!

I am throwing an idea out to my followers here. If you want to do something really cool, you should plan to be in San Francisco next year for the race. I plan to be there again and it would be cool to have you there. You can walk or run. There are all types of people in this race and you do not have to be a serious athlete. As a matter of fact, the real serious runners mostly stay away from this one! We could possibly arrange a little meet-up for pictures or something like that afterwards. Trust me, this would be an experience you would never forget. Mark it on your calendar and let me know if you are in.

Rock on!

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