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Want to Eliminate Stress? Pay Off Some Debt!

My mission here is to get you into a healthier lifestyle, looking better, feeling better, etc. I’ve got many tricks up my sleeve to get you going with this. I just don’t talk about exercise and eating here. I talk about anything that can help you.  Today I want to teach you how to de-stress, […]

Hey, What Was Your Time?

One thing I have always been curious about with running and racing is why people ask what my time was after a race. It’s so typical, whether I do a 5K or a marathon, the most common question is… “Hey Dave, what was your time?” I no longer give my time. I tell the person […]

Dave’s Ultimate Weight Loss Secret From Colorado!

Those of you that know me know that I have been spending my winters in Breckenridge, Colorado for the past several years. Why? It’s simple! I love skiing and I love the lifestyle here in the mountains. And as long as I have my MacBook, an internet connection and my iPhone, I can pretty much […]

The Grand Canyon – Part 3

Tomorrow I am embarking on a six day backpacking trip deep into Grand Canyon. People ask me how many times I have hiked or backpacked into the canyon and my answer is I am not sure. It’s been many. Over thirty times I guess. I need to start keeping track. As you may know by […]

iWantToGetWeighed App

APRIL FOOLS!!! This was a crazy Dave April Fool’s post!! So sorry… you will not be able to weigh yourself from your iPhone. Hope you did not try. Sometimes my brain goes wild with ideas! Hope you did have a good laugh with me! I still believe that you should weigh yourself daily even though you […]

Is it OK to “Indulge” During the Holidays?

Q: Dave, is it OK to “indulge” or just “live it up” a little during the holidays? A: This is actually a question that I get asked quite often. And my answer goes something like this: I am not sure what you mean by “living it up” or indulging. Does it mean eating four pieces […]

Dr. Dave’s Winter Holiday Survival Guide!

Holy moly, I cannot believe it’s THAT time of the year again! Yes, the “holidays” are upon us!   And no, it does not matter which, if any of the winter holidays you celebrate. The fact is the next couple of weeks can be incredibly stressful, irritating, and will very likely increase your waistline if […]