Is it OK to “Indulge” During the Holidays?

Q: Dave, is it OK to “indulge” or just “live it up” a little during the holidays?

A: This is actually a question that I get asked quite often. And my answer goes something like this:

I am not sure what you mean by “living it up” or indulging. Does it mean eating four pieces of your mother’s pumpkin pie? Drinking alcohol like you’re back at a college fraternity party? Devouring a bucket of ocean fries drowned in mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise?

Or do you mean eating some dessert when you normally try your best to avoid all desserts like the plague? Or cheating a little bit because you would love to have a half of a loaded baked potato that you have not had all year long.

Since I am not clear on what you mean by “living it up,” I am going to tell you what I do. I try my best to eat healthy food every single day.  I do this by combining fresh, organic, raw, natural, free-range foods as much as I can. Am I perfect at it? No way. Do I do a pretty darn good job? Yes I believe I do!

So this means if I am at a party and everyone is fueling up on alcohol, I politely ask for a glass of fresh water or a cup of tea. By the way, I generally stay away from big drunken parties. They are just not fun for me. If I am out at a restaurant and everyone is “doing” dessert, I do not succumb, unless fresh fruit and green tea are available. Simply put, I never feel the peer pressure to do what everyone else is doing.  I do try to avoid situations where others around me are being unhealthy.

I do not look at my eating program as a “diet” or something that is restrictive. Nor do I look at a plate of fried chicken, an ice cream sundae or a sugar-laden drink from Starbucks as a “reward” for having been so good.

Listen: you and I have the right to basically eat anything that we want. I simply know that if I put something into my body that is not good for me, there will be a price to pay somewhere down the road. That price may be weight gain, a health issue, or most likely, both.

Eating and drinking in an unhealthy manner are just not fun for me. Just because “everyone else” is doing this does not make it a good thing.  Please remember, this is a lifestyle. Do the best you can. Hang around healthy people – it really does make a big difference! And if you decide to “indulge,” do it in the smallest way possible!

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Rock on!