Travel With Me!

I am always being asked about how I survive life on the road. As you know, being a professional speaker, I need to travel quite a bit! I have written blogs about how to eat on the road.  But lately I am being asked how I survive the rigors of travel, so here are some of my “tricks” to surviving life on the road.

When traveling on a plane I keep a small book, small pillow or small rolled towel with me, and about once an hour I slip the book/pillow/or towel under a different thigh – this shifts the weight off of my lower back. I find this very helpful especially on flights of more than two hours.

I try to at least roll my shoulders, roll my feet and ankles often on the plane. And I stretch just like I would for a workout prior to boarding and after de-planing. If I am planning to sleep on the flight (which is difficult for me) I take my noise reducing headphones.

When traveling by car, I make a point of stopping every two hours or so to get out and take a break. Sometimes I just walk a few circles around the car or take a quick trip to the rest room. But I have found that breaking the trip up into segments really helps me.

I pack lightly- I plan ahead what clothing I need to wear each day of the trip and take only those items with me. I used to take everything I own, but these days I find myself wearing the same thing many days in a row!

Traveling is sometimes difficult, but I try my best to make it fun and enjoyable. These simple tips can make it even more so. Safe travels my friend!

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