Why Watching Football is NEVER on my List!

Friends, it’s Saturday and it is always good to be back home after a long travel week. It really is true, “There’s no place like home.” I’ll spend the day getting settled back in and tomorrow will be a good exercise day. The weather here in Baltimore County should be in the 70’s and I am planning to get out on the NCR Trail on Sunday to do my first double digit run since the Chicago Marathon! Will any of my local readers be out on the NCR (North Central Railroad trail) tomorrow? Let me know! And if you are not local to the Baltimore area, please also tell me what you plan to do this weekend to keep active. I don’t know about you, but sitting on the couch watching football and drinking beer are never on my list. I want to keep my body moving and enjoy the outdoors. That’s just what I do!

Waddle on!

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  1. Terry Chaney
    Terry Chaney says:

    I agree totally- While I will not be out on the NCR trail tomorrow- I will start my day as I do every Sunday – an hour or more of Dancing to my favorite weight loss guru Richard Simmons… Sweatin to the oldies.
    I have an MRI scheduled for 11 and since it is an enclosed 1 they will need to give me a anti-anxiety medication so I will be sleepy most of tomorrow afternoon. Typical Sunday afternoons are spend doing my laundry, cleaning my place, writing my blog and catching up with Friends. The game is usually on without sound so I can check in as I move about doing the various chores that are required to keep my life “moving ” they way I like it.
    Today is a great day for a “topless drive” so go and out have some fun.

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