Going Viral

I used to dream of something of mine going viral. A video I posted to Facebook or YouTube. A clever tweet. A cool pic on Instagram. Actually, dream may not be the best word. Obsess would be more accurate.

To date, nothing of mine has even come close to going viral.

And that’s ok.

I sit back and think, what would have actually changed in my life if a video had gone viral? Probably nothing. It would have been a short, quick high and that’s it.

Even worse, if something went viral, I would likely be searching for that next “high,” and if it did not come, I would sink really low. That sounds more like a virus, right?

These days what I care about is the quality of my life. I am happy. I am healthy. I have enough money to pay my bills and put some food on the table.

I am on Facebook less and less every day. And my life feels better and better. It’s amazing how much time is now freed up for me to do what I want.

At 63, I play a lot more than I work. Much more. I ski several times per week in the winter. I get out and hike or run when I am not skiing. I spend time with the people who I love – those who are important to me.

When the weather warms up I’ll be driving Sarani (our little RV) around and exploring more of this country with my wife and our cat.

I think I can say my life has become “viral.” Not because I have a million followers. I don’t! It’s viral because I am doing exactly what I want as well as helping other people. If I change ONE LIFE from this article, my job is done. Two would be even better!

So here is my advice. Get out and play. Do what you love. Make some money but you don’t have to overdo it. Make only what you really need.

Life is short my friends. Give. Giving is powerful. Sometimes even do it anonymously. Help others. If you live way below your means and you save, invest and give, you will ultimately be wealthy in so many ways.

Now THAT’S viral! -DMM