Six Ways to Be Constantly Improving

A few years ago I decided to do stand-up comedy at a local comedy club. I sat down and carefully wrote a really funny five minute set.

I went on stage. I performed. I sucked.

I mean I REALLY sucked. If the audience could have thrown stuff at me, I think they would have. But I was OK. I went back and did it again. And again!

Then there was the time I remember doing pull-ups on a New York subway. Pull-ups are difficult, especially with a backpack on. I could only do three or four really good pull-ups. People watched. Some people thought it was cool. Others were calling me names. Most ignored me in the end!

Sometimes depending on my mood, I will make conversation with a perfect stranger.

I keep attempting to go a little further outside of my comfort zone. Every day I try to do what I call a “dare of the day.” Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t work, I am fine.

How about you? Do you frequently step outside of your comfort zone? Or do you always stay “safe?”

From now on try saying the opinion that is your truth. Don’t worry or care if people will hate it. Be you.

Get scared! At least a little.

Say “yes” to a talk if you are afraid of public speaking.

Contact the person you lost touch with.

Ask out your secret crush. (Unless you are married!)

Do some pull-ups or push-ups in a public place! Or a yoga pose!

Or how about THIS: next time you buy a coffee, ask for 10% off. Don’t give a reason. Just look the clerk in the eyes, ask and wait for the response.

Think of some other small ways to push the boundaries of comfort! Tell me. Give me some “dares of the day.” Maybe I’ll publish them! If they are great, maybe I’ll try them!

This, plus what’s in the image below, is how I improve myself every day.

I feel very blessed to be who I am. It’s hard work to step out of your comfort zone. It’s painful. It’s suffering. But it’s worth it. Trust me, it’s worth it. -DMM