We’re All on the Same Team!

How often do you encounter a jerk in a restaurant? On a plane? On the road? They’re all over!

You know exactly what I mean. Someone who is rude, talking way too loud, being an a-hole, disrespectful, or just generally rubbing you the wrong way.

Let’s face it. It happens. Maybe it happens more to me because I am so sensitive. I suck up energy from others, whether it’s good or bad. I really believe I am an empath. Look that up if you do not know what it is. But I digress.

A powerful thought hit me a while back, which got me thinking more about this topic. I realized that in case of any emergency, whether it would be something that happened to me personally, someone else, or a general disaster that affected many people, most of us would come to the aid of our fellow human beings.

For example, if I had a stroke in a restaurant (God-forbid), that loudmouth at the next table may very well be medically trained to help me. And if he was not medically trained, at the very least he would be likely to call 911 or assist in some way until the EMTs showed up.

The guy who used to piss me off leaning his chair back into my lap on the plane would likely help his fellow passengers if there were some type of emergency that took place. He could be a great guy but maybe he just likes to lean back!

And I know for sure if there were some type of natural or unnatural disaster (flood, fire, attack, etc.) we would ALL help each other out any way we could.

Now I have learned to be much more tolerant towards other people. Sure, it’s pretty annoying when the woman at the next table in the Thai restaurant has such a loud piercing voice that I can’t even hear my own wife speaking (thus we have to resort to texting), but she would probably be there to help Yoko (my wife) if she was choking on some food. (This just happened last night but thankfully Yoko was not choking!)

So let’s keep one thing in mind. Sure, we may get distracted with annoying people, or at least people who we feel are annoying, but in the end, we are all on the same team. When we remember this, it puts a whole new perspective on how we feel about our fellow human beings. -DMM